Cougar Town: Season 5 Episode 5 Online

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On Cougar Town Season 5 Episode 5, Jules tries to get Chick out of his Alzheimer’s funk by getting him involved in some local activities. Particularly the activities that might save Andy’s mayoral prospects, but as Chick’s involvement progresses the group gets more unstable.
Ellie gets sick and begins to mix wine and flu medicine to hilarious effects, but who will she bring down with her?
Bobby convinces Grayson to live out his dreams of acting by auditioning for a commercial, but when Grayson books the part his role throws him off guard.
Travis and Laurie try to come up with pet names for each other they can agree on, but which names stick and which names are just ick?
Find out what name does stick when you watch Cougar Town online.

Cougar Town Season 5 Episode 5 Quotes

If I’m running, you’re running. Are you new to this group?


I haven’t hurt this bad since I had to push my childhood home to a gas station. I would give anything to stop.