Criminal Minds: Watch Season 9 Episode 15 Online

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On Criminal Minds this week, a cold and bedraggled girl asks a mild-looking older man for a ride at a gas station. 

At first he declines and starts to drive off. But then after rethinking it, he backs up and says sure. What harm could there be? Right?

The BAU is called in to Pittsburgh to investigate a pair of murdered women who were left out in the open, naked except for some underwear and wrapped in shower curtains.

What they discover is a husband and wife team who are trying to save their marriage... through murder most foul.   He's a sexual sadist and she just wants to watch.

Together they make beautiful music and dance with each other. 

Meanwhile, Garcia learns something from Morgan about relationships and the need to be obvious with her guy. 

It's all so disturbing and good - and you can catch it all right here when you watch Criminal Minds online. Click the link above.

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Criminal Minds Season 9 Episode 15 Quotes

Love is strange. It'll make you do the craziest things.


Each relationship nurtures a strength or weakness within you - Michael Murdock