General Hospital Recap: What is Ric Up To?

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Does everyone in Port Charles have something hide?

Today's General Hospital episode was filled with secret phone calls and hidden agendas. Plus, two longtime rivals finally came face-to-face.

If you're not a Carly and Franco fan, this episode may be hard to swallow. Both are still at the hospital recovering from their respective injuries, but that won't stop their love fest. While at his bedside, Carly calls Franco her "superhero," but he rebuffs the title.

He believes the cops who saved them from Heather deserve that honor.

GH Scene

Carly brings up Michael and Morgan and Franco says she doesn't have to force Michael to be around him. I agree. When will Carly and Kiki realize Michael doesn't owe Franco anything? This scene was filled with Grade A harlequin romance dialogue. 

Meanwhile, Sonny and Shawn are still trying to uncover the Jerome's mystery backer. But before they can discuss it further TJ comes in. He fills them in on how Julian's pushing him to go to the police about what really happened at their warehouse. You know, when Sonny and Shawn held Carlos hostage?

Julian stops by Alexis's place to see how she's holding up. She spills the beans about Ric being back and Julian gives her a concerned look. He grills her about Ric's return, and she reiterates that he's just there for Molly.

The writers really want us to believe that Ric is working with the Jeromes. In his first scene, he's in a hotel room setting up a video chat. Last week, we learned that's the mystery backer's favorite form of communication. Before we can see what he's up to Olivia comes knocking at the door. Ric doesn't open it, he just asks if there's a problem. 

Apparently, Ric paid in cash at the register and his signature was illegible. She needs to know who's staying in the room. He's forced to let her in and you can guess how that went. Olivia wants to know why he's back in town. He says he's there for his daughter but Olivia's not buying it. Instead of pushing the issue, she leaves and calls Sonny.

Once they're alone, TJ tells Shawn about Molly and the hotel room. He doesn't believe they did anything wrong. They were being responsible and Molly wasn't pressured to be there. Shawn says he'll talk to Alexis about allowing them to see each other again. Yeah, good luck with that Shawn.

While at home doing an intense workout, a shirtless Nathan is interrupted by Kiki. She stops by because she wants to sublease Maxie's apartment, but Nathan's already taken it. He uses this as an opportunity to convince her of Silas's guilt. Nathan hands Kiki a file, and tells her to read it. She does but still thinks he's lying. 

Kiki let's it slip that Silas and Sam are in New York trying to clear his name. After she leaves, Nathan calls someone named Sully, asking him to track down Silas. Is it just me, or does Nathan come off as a dirty cop?

Sam and Silas are in bed discussing their partnership with Delia. He's surprised Delia's willing to help with his case, considering it may implicate Ava. Little do they know, Ava's also in town to pay her mother a visit.

When Delia sees Ava at Ryan's she immediately calls Silas and Sam. Unfortunately, they're too busy hitting the sheets to hear the phone.  

Carlos is outside the Quartermaine mansion preparing to kill AJ. He calls Ava to confirm the hit and she does. Before Carlos can finish the job, Michael comes in ruining the shot. Ava instructs him to wait until he leaves. Michael tells AJ about him and Kiki taking a break. AJ says their relationship will work itself out. 

The other day, AJ was stumbling and dripping drunk. Today, he's doling out words of wisdom. Michael brings up how out of control AJ was the night of Connie's murder. He tells him Ava had to help carry AJ to his room because he blacked out. AJ is shocked to learn that Ava was at the house that night.

Ava tries to make nice with Delia, but it's not working. Elsewhere, Silas notices the missed call and heads down to Ryan's. Delia sees Sam walk in as Ava is standing there.

Back at the hotel, Ric makes a call but we never see who's on the other end. The scene cuts to Julian's phone ringing but he never answers. Alexis asks Julian to watch Danny, while she steps out. He obliges. We then see Julian on the phone (we're not shown with who), when there's a knock at the door. Guess who's standing there? It's Shawn and he looks pissed!

Ric is getting off the phone, when Sonny walks into his hotel room. The brothers give each other the stare of death and the show ends. 

Do you think Carlos will take AJ out?

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Claudia: Oh, you're in a foul mood, huh? Looking for trouble?
Sonny: You know, I have not been fair to you. I know I called you a lying whore, and all that. But hey, you know what? At least you don't pretend to be anything else.

Lucky, it's called cleavage, and it's the best weapon we've got.