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Hatake's corporate patrons, the Ilaria Corporation, arrived at Arctic Biosystems to cause some trouble.

Constance Sutton, the company's CEO, commissioned a virus and its cure from Hatake. Did he fail to cure Narvik intentionally to bring the CDC in?

Julia is now cured, thanks to Hatake's serum. She has joined the silver eye club, but is she Survivor Zero?

With Constance's threat that no one gets out alive looming, will any of our favorite characters make it to Season 2?

Helix is the kind of show where you discover new things with repeat viewings. Relive this week's WTH moments when you watch Helix online right here at TV Fanatic.

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Helix Season 1 Episode 7 Quotes

We don't want to kill everybody, just thin the herd a bit.

Constance Sutton

Peter Farragut: Maybe you're survivor zero? First one cured?
Julia Walker: But if I'm cured, why am I still hallucinating?