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On Helix Season 1 Episode 8 ,Constance Sutton takes charge of Arctic Biosystems. She discovers Julia is cured and keeps her prisoner.

Meanwhile, Alan and Hatake formulate a plan to kill Sutton and take back the base.

Balleseros confesses to Anana that he is the one that used to kidnap children in Brazil.

Daniel comes to terms with the fact that Hatake kidnapped him and Anana is his sister.

Peter's unconscious body is taken back down to Level R by vectors.

Julia finally learns the nature of her and Hatake's relationship and Sutton becomes a permanent resident of the white room.

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Helix Season 1 Episode 8 Quotes

Hatake: Dr. Walker is virus free and that puts her in grave danger.
Alan: From who? Sutton?
Hatake: From Sutton. From everyone. And not just at this base.

Sutton: We could've changed the world.
Hatake: Yes, but who would want to live in that world?