Scandal Photo Gallery: The First Mistress

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Things are tense.

Okay... they are very, very, tense on Scandal Season 3 Episode 12, as the First Lady and the First Mistress spend some quality time together. But despite the fancy dresses and smiles for the cameras, no one is happy.

Least of all Fitz, who may have to sit quietly as the new Command dates the love of his life once again. 

And Quinn looks as though she believes her place is at B613 and she's willing to do most anything to prove it. 

What would Huck do if he found out how far she's already gone.

Check out these photos from "We Do Not Touch the First Ladies" scheduled to air Thursday, March 6th on ABC - and don't forget you can always watch Scandal online here at TV Fanatic:

And here is your trailer for the upcoming episode:

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Scandal Season 3 Episode 12 Quotes

I didn't do this for you. I did not do this for you. I did this for me, so I could work on the campaign. So I could walk down the street and not be whispered about. So I could stop being known as the woman who screwed the President, so the scarlet "A" on my chest could be invisible! So I could stop being a joke. I am a person. I am not a hen! I am not a prize!


[to Fitz] One, I am not a hen. Two, I am not a prize at the state fair. You cannot win me!