The Tomorrow People: Watch Season 1 Episode 13 Online

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Stephen discovered a new paranormal that shared an unusual connection with him. John and Cara had a major falling out. Plus, another massive surprise was revealed i the final seconds of the episode. 

Intrigued? You should be. The Tomorrow People Season 1 Episode 13 was chock full of shocking moments. 

Stephen gets wind of a new paranormal breaking out, but it wasn't in the normal way and once they found out more about the mysterious Cassie and her father, the Founder, the more everyone realized just what a monster the Founder was. 

John and Astrid shared a few moments after their adventures last week, but it wasn't that which made Cara so mad by the end of the episode that she made a drastic decision. 

Watch The Tomorrow People online to find out more about all of those tasty tidbits and learn what had Stephen standing with his mouth agape by the end of the episode.

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