Blue Bloods: Watch Season 4 Episode 17 Online

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A "Knockout Game" let to a pregnant woman being assaulted and losing her unborn child. As Danny and Baez tracked down the assailants, Danny inadvertently tells the woman's husband the suspects name. 

The next day, Moses Caldwell was dead and Danny had to decide whether to pursue a suspect who was already grieving the loss of his child. 

In the end, Danny made the arrest but the grand jury chose not to indict. 

Meanwhile, on Blue Bloods Season 4 Episode 17 Frank had to choose whether to promote an officer who was the son of a good friend of Henry's. Was the promotion because of who he knew, or was it really deserved?  Garrett helped Frank see that Timothy had earned the promotion, no matter what his connections.

And Erin unceremoniously ended her fling with her ex, much to his dismay.

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Blue Bloods Season 4 Episode 17 Quotes

Let's appeal to the sense of pride in the professional criminal.


At some point in your life you went up the mountain and you came back down with your own tablets of what is and what is not the right thing to do written in stone, which allows for certainty but not always wisdom.