Crisis Review: The Bug is King

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Ballard High School is a private school for the top elite in Washington, D.C., including the President's son.

It's field trip day and they take a bus (yes, a regular bus -- a little surprising) with a Secret Service detail. At first, Crisis appeared to be a story about a bunch of rich kids who were kidnapped.

But as the first hour unfolded, it became clear that it was about a whole lot more. This kidnapping wasn't about money and it wasn't about the parents' power. Both will play a role in how the individual ransom's play out, yet at the heart of it all is love and sacrifice.

"How far are you willing to go? What will you do for your child?

As Crisis Season 1 Episode 1 began we were introduced to the students and parents as they were dropped off from school and then during the bus trip. They covered the normal array of characters. The popular girl, the girl on scholarship, the jerk, the nice guy, the fat kid, the President's son, etc. As the episode went on their characters broadened beyond the stereotypes, but only slightly.

Bill Gibson volunteered to chaperone the field trip in order to spend the weekend with his daughter. She hates him and it didn't go over well. He's definitely a quirky man, but it was painful to see how his daughter treated him and how he took it. I had no clue what was coming, so I was shocked when Gibson's true purpose was revealed. What a twist!

The kidnapping was planned out to the smallest detail. The spot of the takedown, the secret service agent shooting his newbie partner, even knowing which students had tracking devices and where they were located. Some of the kids didn't even seem to be away they had them implanted. I wouldn't mind taking a peak at Gibson's prized book

Of course, it didn't go down as planned with Secret Service Agent Finley and Anton escaped. Their trek to survive was nerve-wracking to watch, but those two provided the best moments of the hour. Finley was on the first day of his detail, but was persistent and dedicated to his mission. When he encouraged Anton, he revealed his compassion and strength.

I was glad to see that came to an end during the premiere episode, but I hope we see more of Anton and Finley together. With the chase over, Finley can help find the kids, while Koz attempts to get revenge for his brother's death.

The reveal that Gibson is the mastermind behind the plot was shocking for sure, but the reason he's doing it was equally so. He worked for the CIA and they threatened his daughter over a mission that went bad. That day ruined the relationship between him and his daughter, but little does she know that it was because he was protecting her.

He started out nervous and unsure of himself, but as the kidnapping progressed he showed his strength. When he talked with Finley, he was almost fierce, "Yes, I am a bug. I've always known that about myself, but today the bug is king." Whether he can keep his fear and anxiety at bay or not though, I'm not sure.

How far would he go to protect his daughter? Well, he was willing to kill, kidnap a bus load of kids and lose a finger in the process. The question is: What is he trying to accomplish? Does he want to end up the hero that gets them all saved so his daughter loves him again? Or, does he just want to make the people who threatened her and made him lose everything suffer?

Right now, Anton's father is in jail for taking out satellites that would help find the kids. The result was much more destructive and widespread. The FAA shut down air travel, the stock market crashed, and military forces were affected. That was just one page out of Gibson's book. 

What's next will likely be much worse. Meg Fitch is next up to have a choice to make. She has money, power, and resources. No matter what is requested, it will be more difficult to carry out with her sister on the case. Meg loves Amber and has raised her as her own daughter from the start. Will she let Susie in or keep it a secret? She's likely do whatever needs to be done to protect Amber.

It's unclear what Gibson's goal is, but I hope each week doesn't just turn into parents having to make a sacrifice for their child. The mystery that's been started is intriguing and has my interest. I'd like to see that begin to unfold each week so we get a good picture of what's happening and why.

Overall, I loved all the twists and turns. There were a few moments that at least for now seem unnecessary like the relationship between Amber and Mr. Nash, but that was offset by surprising moments like the Secret Service Agent was under duress when he shot his partner and is just as much a victim as the kids and parents.

The rendition of "Nothing Else Matter" (I believe it was the Scala & Kolacny Brothers version) at the end set an eerie tone for the series and a hint of the sacrifices that will be made.

How likely are you to come back next week?

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