Dance Moms Recap: Night at the Improv

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Abby Lee Miller took control of her girls on Dance Moms Season 4 Episode 10.

We know: Abby Lee Miller is always in control of her girls. But she exerted even more power than usual this week through the use of solos.

At the pyramid meeting, Abby's happiness over the girls being undefeated is interrupted by Holly saying she has published a book.

She quickly hushes her up and places Kalani at the top, with this week's competition being set in Detroit and the group's routine dubbed Richest to Rag. Maggie gets a solo and Kendall gets a lyrical solo and Kira wants to know why Kalani can't go up against Maddie.

That will never happen, Abby says.

She also goes off on the plight of Detroit and tells her team to learn all about it.

Holly, meanwhile, is off to a signing for her first book. Abby actually shows up with Nia and dismissed the book as a "pamphlet," leaving with an evil smile while Holly's husband looks on irate.

The next day, Abby goes off on Kendall (referring to her as "the new Paige") and confronts Jill after she comes down to complain. Abby says she's delusional and threatens to kick Kendall off the squad.

Let's go Detroit, shall we? Abby is her typically uninspiring self prior to the competition, focusing on the solos and how they will reflect the group dance. 

Neither Kendall nor Maddie excel with theirs.

In the green room, an audition mom has the nerve to tell everyone that her daughter was better, which leads to angry words from Kira and a silent Abby.

How will this be settled? An improv dance, of course. As the gals get eliminated, it comes down to Maddie, Chloe and Kalani going against Ava. Maddie is cu and then so is Ava. Chloe (using ballet) and Kalani dance but lose in the final three.

The team does finish first overall and Maddie, a usual, wins for her individual performance.

In the green room, all Hell breaks loos: Abby tells Jill that she owes her $500 for Kendall not winning the solo and also tells Kalani she's angry she didn't win the improv dance.

Abby yells at Chloe about repeating steps, while Christi is told she has an attitude - but Chrisi will get the final say this time. She gets in Abby's face and tells her that she isn't scared of her.

NEXT WEEK: Jimmy Fallon stops by!

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