Days of Our Lives Round Table: Really Pregnant or Just a Scare?

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This week on Days of Our Lives, EJ wished for erectile dysfunction, Adriene and Sami verbally wrestled over wedding venues, and Daniel made a shocking discovery about Nicole.

Our TV Fanatics Nick McHatton and Christine Orlando are joined by Kpatch from MyHourglass a Days of Our Lives Fan Forum to decide what Daniel should do next, where the wedding should be held, and whether Abigail is pregnant or just queasy.

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Will Daniel cover for Nicole or turn her in?

Nick: I'm really curious about this since Daniel is the town martyr yet he's been a very good friend to Nicole. Personally, I hope he does do something, I love Nicole and Eric, but their relationship is completely doomed unless this comes out in the open quickly.

Kpatch:  Great question! This will be a tough one for Daniel, especially since Jennifer just called him out on another coverup, and reminded him of his other lies, such as keeping Nicole’s pregnancy from EJ and covering JJ’s involvement in Teresa’s overdose. I don’t think he’ll be able to come up with a good enough reason to keep this one a secret.

Christine:  Is it wrong of me to hope that Daniel helps her find a way to "handle" this. I'm not even sure if I want her to sit down and tell Eric the truth or for the two of them to find a plausible way for that letter to come to light. I just don't want to see Nicole as the town pariah once again. I'm tired of that story. 

Choose a venue for Will and Sonny's wedding: The Kiriakis Mansion, The Dimera Mansion, Anywhere but Salem!

Nick: I like the idea of an outdoor wedding at the Town Square, but I'll settle for the Kiriakis mansion too since it means Sonny's side is represented a little better. Many times I feel like Sonny's family is thrown to the side in preference towards Will's (I understand that since Will's side is on the canvas way more), so anything that gets a little Kiriakis representation is good for me.

Kpatch:  Well, definitely not the river where Nick was dumped. LOL. I do like outdoor weddings, so I’d say the Horton Square. But if I had to choose between the Kiriakis Mansion and the Dimera Mansion -- no contest: the Kiriakis Mansion.

Christine:  Like Nick, I like anything that brings out Sonny's Kiriakis side. Although if the boys were smart they'd run as far as they could and elope. But if it's going to be in Salem I like the idea of the Kiriakis mansion. An as Victor mentioned, he and Maggie marrying there may have gotten rid of a few demons lurking about. 

Place your bets. Is Abigail just having a pregnancy scare or will this be a real (and scary) pregnancy?

Nick: I'm sure it's a baby. EJ's sperm has never met a womb it didn't like. 

Kpatch: I think the pregnancy will be real because it draws out the EJAbby fling storyline. I don’t think she will actually have the baby though.

Christine:  I'm going with she's not actually pregnant. That alone would be a surprise. And later on when Sami finally finds out about them she can still put the pieces together that EJ could have been the father if Abigial had been pregnant. But if she is pregnant I hope they let her have it. I just hate the miscarriage stories.  Two for Nicole was enough to last a long time. 

Would you prefer Marlena to reconcile with John or Roman?

Nick: Marlena and John are great together, but I don't need Marlena to be with either of them. She's a strong, fiercely independent woman and she's shown that she can carry storylines by herself numerous times. Let her fall in love all over again if that's in the cards, but make it organic.

Kpatch:  I can’t stand John. I’d prefer to see her with Roman over John, but my first choice would be to see her gone. I’ve never been a Marlena OR John fan.

Christine:  I've been a huge fan of all of these characters but lately they all make me cringe or simply bore me. Marlena's at her best when she's actually helping someone, like with Will coming out of the closet. I hate when she's judgmental and arrogant, even with people who deserve it like Kristen. I wouldn't mind a strong, independent Marlena who isn't miserable all the time. 

Should Hope move on with Aidan or hold on for Bo's future return?

Nick: Bo has shown that's he's much more interested in being away and off on his own adventure than being home with Hope and Ciara. Peter wanted out, and it's time to give Kristian the material she deserves aside from making her a wallflower for others. Let her find a new life with Aiden (a man she has great chemistry with).

Kpatch:  If this were real life, I’d say she should hold on. She and Bo have a deep love and history, for better or worse. But for story purposes, Hope needs something to do besides whine about Bo’s absence and commiserate with Ciara. I don’t think Aiden is the right man for her in the long run; I don’t think he has the right personality for her, but I’d be okay with a fling for the two of them.

Christine:  I was a huge fan of Bo and Hope but if Bo's not coming back then Hope needs to move on. The character and the actress are worth so much more than this stagnant story. Aidan is growing on me and I wouldn't mind seeing where that story evolved. 

What was your favorite scene or story line of the week?

Nick: Hope and Aiden finding an understanding and being cordial to each other was fun to watch. I'm enjoying the slow build they're having together. Will's run-in with Nick is a close second.

Kpatch:  Two come to mind. For drama, I really liked Abby’s nightmare. I think it was well done and gave viewers insight into her understandable fears. For comic relief, I got a laugh out of Sami and Adrienne’s wedding venue tug-of-war and the way Sonny and Will looked while watching that tennis match. 

Christine:  My favorite was Sonny and Victor. Victor is the king of snark and he and his nephew are very similar. His advice to Sonny about Nick was spot on. I want more scenes with these two and I'd love to see them work together to expose Nick for the snake that he is. 

Now it's your turn TV Fanatics. Do you think Abigail is really pregnant?

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