Drop Dead Diva Preview: Josh Berman on the Reveal of Secrets, A "Reward" For Loyal Viewers

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Will they or won't they... for good this time?

While we've gone back and forth on the romantic roller coaster of Jane and Grayson on Drop Dead Diva, the sixth and final season begins tonight (with two back-to-back episodes, no less).

And now that Grayson knows Jane is really his former girlfriend Deb (who he thought died years ago - but whose soul ended up in the body of Jane), will the twosome finally be together? O will the truth too much for Grayson to bear.

As heavy as all that sounds, however, expect the beloved series to include some fun stories, such as pairing up light-hearted angel Paul with fiery assistant Teri, as well as having a pregnant Stacy dealing with her feelings for her baby Daddy (and Jane's ex) Owen.

To find out what we'll see on Drop Dead Diva Season 6, I went right to the source, creator Josh Berman, who gave me a preview of what's in store:


TV Fanatic: Knowing this is the final season, did it change how you approached these episodes knowing you definitely had an endgame to work towards or is it kind of business as usual?

Josh Berman: I think that what’s great about season six is we’ve had five seasons to lead up to it to say the obvious. And we ended season five with the cat out of the bag and nothing is more freeing for a writer than to have a game changer five seasons in.

We had to platform the relationship between Jane and Grayson over a certain number of seasons and the idea that I knew we had a season six at the end of last year and that I could actually tell the stories I wanted to tell is so rewarding. I’m a TV fan. I love TV.

I watch TV every night and I want the fans to come away with a rewarding experience. Nothing is worse when a storyline is cut short. Quite honestly, there are plenty of shows out there today where they introduce a character or they introduce a storyline and then it just disappears. I get frustrated when that happens as a viewer and for those fans, those loyal fans that have stayed with the show for five seasons, season six is the reward for hanging in there that long.

This is what you wanted to see. This is what happens when the cat is out of the bag. This is what happens when the truth gets told and whether the secrets are pretty or ugly, they’re not secrets anymore and that leads to a lot of unexpected changes. I think we get to spend more time with our characters this season. I think the emphasis is more on our characters than on the cases.

We’ve had some seasons where the cases were very heavy and of course, we always have legal cases, but they’re more in the background this season because Jane and Grayson and Owen and Stacy, those characters live and breathe and they take up more space as we’ve gotten to know them and they’re more fun to write and the actors are having a blast. I mean, this is the season to watch.

TVF: And we’re starting in March this time when your season premiere is usually June. What do you make of that?

JB: It’s been June and then last year, we had half our season on in fall so I think we’re at Drop Dead Diva for all seasons these days. I love the fact that Lifetime feels comfortable that our fans will show up no matter where they put us.

TVF: Since, in many ways, we can’t get too far into the Jane/Grayson story without spoiling it [having seen the episode, trust me!] But let’s talk about Stacy and Owen. At first, I didn’t see that happening, but then once you guys actually did it I was rooting for them! I kind of like them together.

JB: This is why I love the fans. When Owen and Stacy started gravitating towards each other, there was fan outcry and I got hundreds of tweets from angry fans saying ‘how dare you!’ ‘they’re sacred,’ ‘the girl code’ and I kept saying ‘be patient, be patient, be patient’ and now when we broke them up in the season finale, I got as many, if not more, fans going ‘how can you rip them apart.’

They belong together so I think will they or won’t they becomes an important element of season six and I do think that Owen and Stacy, oddly, are very right together and the fact that she’s now pregnant with his baby is going to be a catalyst to see whether or not they’re meant for each other.

TVF: I’m very happy that Justin’s back as Angel Paul.

JB: Well, of course, the joke is that Justin never has clothes on on the set, even when he’s just walking around now. And it’s great because Geography Club [the indie film that Deeley appears in as a closeted teen athlete] got nominated for a GLAAD Media Award and we got nominated again. This is our fourth year in a row being nominated by GLAAD. I mean, the fact that we did gay sports before everyone starting coming out, it’s so weird.

TVF: I mean, Justin doing the ‘bend and snap’ from Legally Blonde in the first episode…it’s so funny. Is there a Paul-centric story other than him just helping Jane and helping out around the office?

JB: There’s a lot of Justin/Margaret Cho storylines this season so the two of them are so funny together. We kind of didn’t realize that until the end of last season. So now Paul gets into trouble and Margaret (who plays Teri) tries to rescue him and they have tremendous chemistry and hilarious hijinks…Margaret’s bigger this season than ever before especially in the first seven episodes and she has more story. She is more involved and she is so, so funny. You’ll get to meet her alternate personality this season. Her name is Cassandra Muffintop and she’s British. Cassandra Muffintop is another one of her alternate personalities.

TVF: What else is coming in the new episodes?

JB: We have Belinda Scotto, a new character played by Virginia Williams, who we love, and she becomes our temporary lawyer while Kim is out on maternity leave and Kate [Levering] is out on maternity leave. But Kate does come back as Kim starting in episode three. It was really funny because I just had such a feeling that Kate was going to get pregnant and so I wrote that in as a storyline and I told her ‘you’re going to get pregnant’ and she’s like ‘great, I want to get pregnant.’ And then she got pregnant. Now I wonder if April will get pregnant in real life.

TVF: That would be hilarious.

JB: And we have Corbin Bleu in the second episode back. He’s so amazing. And we have tWitch from So You Think You Can Dance and they play brothers. They’re amazing together.  It’s one of my favorites because it’s very emotional and those two actors are terrific.

TVF: Any other guest stars?

JB: Rick Springfield in episode three. He’s amazing and then we have John Ratzenberger coming back later in the season. And we have Janel Parrish from Pretty Little Liars. She is a cheerleader and she’s in a cheerleading outfit and everything. It’s so much fun.

Drop Dead Diva premieres with back-to-back episodes tonight starting at 9/8c on Lifetime.

Jim Halterman is the West Coast Editor of TV Fanatic and the owner of JimHalterman.com. Follow him on Twitter.

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