Duck Dynasty Recap: Going Blind

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The men of Duck Dynasty went blind this week. Cow blind, that is!

On Take Your Business Student to Work Day, Sadie shadowed the Duck Commander crew, showing off a solid jump shot on the warehouse basketball court and seeing the contrasting work ethic between her dad and her uncle.

But the crux of Duck Dynasty Season 5 Episode 9 centered on Jase coming up with a cow blind. He took a giant, fake cow head and hid behind it to fool his prey. And it worked! Sort of! Kind of

The men used camouflage on the invention and Willie agreed to give Jase 10 percent of the duck blind’s profits… which will amount to zero because the company won’t actually be producing the item.

Still, Jase got the last laugh.

Willie said he was trying to teach Sadie not to be like Jase, yet that plan didn't exactly work out too well.

Elsewhere, Jep and Phil (who’s favorite type of animal is “grilled”) took the children to a petting zoo, as the latter taught us what kind of excrement can be used as a toy.

At the zoo, Priscilla and Meritt are introduced to "mutton busting,” where kids ride on sheep.

Phil turns it into a competition and rewards Meritt with $5 when she's able to stay on the sheep for more than eight seconds. Might we have a future Olympian on our hands?

First, of course, we need to start a petition to get mutton busting included in the Games...

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The duck call room is actually a combination of science, innovation and art, all coming together. We are like a rednecked NASA. We are boldly going where no redneck has gone before.


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