Duck Dynasty: Watch Season 5 Episode 9 Online

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A new invention took center stage onĀ Duck Dynasty Season 5 Episode 9, as Jase came up with the idea for a cow blind.

It's exactly what it sounds like: a fake, giant cow head behind which hunters can await their prey.

And it actually worked! Much to the chagrin of Willie, who was trying to teach a visiting Sadie NOT to be like Jase, only to concede that Jase came up with a pretty good idea here.

Elsewhere, we took a trip to a petting zoo and we were introduced to mutton busting. What is that sport? Why is it not included in the Olympics?

Watch Duck Dynasty online and you'll soon be asking yourself the same thing...

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Duck Dynasty Season 5 Episode 9 Quotes

The duck call room is actually a combination of science, innovation and art, all coming together. We are like a rednecked NASA. We are boldly going where no redneck has gone before.


I like sheep.

Miss Kay