General Hospital Recap: AJ Knows the Truth!

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Get your tissues ready: The tears flew on yesterday's General Hospital.

Robin said an emotional goodbye to Anna and Elizabeth, while AJ made a startling discovery.

Robin and Elizabeth are at the hospital playing catch-up. Elizabeth fills her in on what happened between her and Nikolas. She told Nikolas she loved him, but he chose to stay with Britt. Robin offers her condolences, but adds her own heap of bad news.

She tells Elizabeth that she's leaving town. As expected, Elizabeth is shocked but Robin swears it's for a good reason. 

From General Hospital

Lulu visits Sonny's office to give him a late Christmas gift (seriously, it's practically March). It's a coffee mug that says "World's Best Grandpa." The conversation turns to Dante, his newfound son and Britt. Lulu's trying to remain positive about their awkward arrangement, but that's easier said than done. 

Sonny remembers who Britt's parents are and doesn't think she'll be a good role model for Ben. This is ironic considering Sonny's a career criminal but I digress. 

Carlos goes to Ava's place to fill her in on what happened at the Quartermaine's. She's upset he didn't finish the job, and left his handgun behind. Carlos says they didn't see his face and there are no prints on the gun. They can't link him to anything. Ava couldn't care less about his fate, she's more concerned about her own.

Back in New York, Delia tells Sam and Silas that Mr. Nakamura is dead. While their reeling from the news,  guess who walks in the door? Creepy Detective West. He was informed of Mr. Nakamura's overdose, and learned that he had a meeting with Delia. It doesn't take long for Nathan to accuse Silas of killing Mr. Nakamura.

At this point, can Silas file a harassment complaint against Nathan? Silas denies it and asks Nathan if he's ever considered Ava as a suspect? Sam, Delia and Silas proceed to read Nathan the riot act for being overzealous and ill-informed. Nathan says he'll look into Ava, but he's not done with Silas.

Anna and Dante are at the Quartermaine mansion investigating AJ's attack. They're convinced it was a robbery gone bad, but AJ says it was a murder attempt. Anna gets a phone call and has to leave, so Dante continues the questioning alone. AJ makes the mistake of telling Dante he thinks Sonny is responsible for what happened.

This is the stupidest thing AJ could have said. Not because it's implausible, but because of Dante's bias. Dante goes off on a tangent about AJ killing Connie and getting away with it. But he tells AJ he'll still talk to Sonny and see what he says. As soon as Dante leaves, AJ picks up a drink.

Like clockwork, the alcohol gives him superpowers and he recalls what happened the night of the murder. He remembers that he didn't shoot Connie. She was still alive when he left. 

At the hospital, Anna's frazzled because she's the last person to know about Robin's departure. She doesn't understand why her daughter would want to leave. Robin gives her a guilt-trip about how as a kid she didn't always know where Anna and Robert were, but she had faith that they'd come back. She needs Anna to have that same faith in her. 

Dante heads over to Sonny's as Lulu is leaving. He asks him if he knows anything about AJ's attack. Sonny claims he didn't do it, but he'd love to know who did. He wants to send them a token of his appreciation. Oh Sonny, if you only knew. The enemy of your enemy is still your enemy.

Nikolas and Britt are at Kelly's and he brings up their engagement party. They talk about inviting friends and loved ones and Britt brings up Elizabeth. Nikolas assures her that Elizabeth won't be a problem. Britt then asks why Elizabeth was at their house yesterday. 

Coincidentally, Elizabeth walks in and Britt invites her to their table. She asks about her house visit and Nikolas immediately covers for her. He says Elizabeth was just there to congratulate them on their engagement. Britt eventually lets up and decides to leave. Elizabeth sticks around and Nikolas stresses how important her friendship is to him. Yeah Nikolas, that's exactly what Elizabeth wants to hear.

Britt runs into Lulu outside the restaurant. They exchange pleasantries and Lulu talks about how great Ben and Dante are getting along. As usual, Britt squirms like she has something to hide (she does) and quickly scurries off.

Ava's home alone and there's a knock at the door. She answers and it's a drunk and disheveled 

Next week, will Ava finally confess to killing Connie?

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