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Constance Sutton was The Scythe's mother, therefore his mission on Helix was also personal this week.

He's been tasked with delivering the Narvik virus and its cure. His orders also include bringing Hatake in alive and terminating everyone else.

Julia and Sarah bond, as silver-eyed immortals do, and we learn that Hatake is 513 old.

The Scythe forces Hatake to choose between his biological daughter and loyal son. Daniel makes the ultimate sacrifice.

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Helix Season 1 Episode 12 Quotes

What we've seen of the virus so far, it's small scale. Ilaria has world wide ambitions and we can't let them succeed. There is no running or hiding. Either they survive or we do.


So who will it be? The miracle that is your biological daughter? Or your loyal son, who dedicated his life to you?

The Scythe