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Just when a Navy petty officer decides to try out a vintage guitar in a dressing room before a concert, the amp to which it's attached explodes, killing him and another man. 

Uh-oh. NCIS is called in to figure out who the bomb was meant for - and why.

Tony gets a call from his dad about senior's wedding. Looks like Tony will have to re-gift those unwanted steak knives to someone else.

Meanwhile, the long-awaited time has come: Palmer gets the news that the baby he and Breena have been waiting for is about to arrive: the birth mother has gone into labor! 

All is not as expected, however.

Find out what happens next when you watch NCIS online right here and now:

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NCIS Season 11 Episode 17 Quotes

All right. Okay. Put your drinks down. On a coaster. And make your way in an orderly fashion to the front door, or I will shoot you. That means you, mullet.


Palmer: I take it you heard?
Gibbs: Mmm hmm.
Palmer: Yeah, she saw the baby and just....I guess she felt the same way we felt when we first saw him. Can't fault her for that, right?
Gibbs: You should go home.
Palmer: I will. Yeah Breena and I, we just wanted to get all this stuff out of the house. You know, we wanted to give it back as soon as possible.
Gibbs: We.
Palmer: Me. She's hurting too, but she is so much stronger. She's ready to try again. And me - I feel like I can't breathe. I never felt this bad in my life, Gibbs.
Gibbs: Well, just wait until it's 3:00 in the morning, and your kid's running 104. You're just getting started.
Palmer: That's the point. I'm not starting, you know? Maybe I never will.
Gibbs: Well then fight for it, Palmer! That's what you do. You fight for your family. And sometimes, you fight like hell just to have one.
Palmer: You want me to fight, I feel like I just went ten rounds with Joe Louis.
Gibbs: Do you want to be a dad, Palmer? Because right now, this is being a dad.
Palmer: Maybe I'm not ready.
Gibbs: You wouldn't feel the way you feel, right now, if you weren't ready.