Once Upon a Time in Wonderland: Watch Season 1 Episode 9 Online

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Alice woke up to find things had changed in Wonderland once again. 

On the upside she and Cyrus were finally together and he's no longer a genie stuck in a bottle. Unfortunately that meant that her good friend Will took his place.

As Will's bottle was washed down the river, it was Lizard who opened it and was granted three wishes. If only she and Will had stuck with beer. When Lizard wished that Will would only feel something for her, she fell dead leaving Will to grieve for his dear friend. 

The Red Queen found the bottle next and released her genie and true love...but Will wasn't thrilled to owe his ex three wishes. 

The foursome decided to hunt for Jafar when the realized that he's also holding Cyrus' two brothers who are also genies. 

But little do they know that Jafar now has an evil Jabberwocky on his side.

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