Once Upon a Time Round Table: "The Tower"

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In Once Upon a Time Season 3 Episode 14, Rapunzel let her hair down "The Tower," but were fans impressed as she battled her fear? And what does the Wicked Witch have planned for Charming's courage?

Our TV Fanatics Robin Harry, Jim Garne  and Christine Orlando are joined here by Gareth from Once Upon a Fan to discuss Rumpelstiltskin's state of mind, Charming's visit with Rapunzel and why Hook can't stop talking about the flying monkeys.

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What did you think of Rapunzel's story?

Gareth: Not at all what I expected. Rapunzel acted more as a supporting player in Charming's story, much like many of the guest stars do. It worked but I think I was expecting more from Rapunzel. I liked the theme of how your own fears can keep you imprisoned, the execution of it was a little clunky however. 

Robin: I agree with Gareth - it was clunky and underwhelming. That being said - the shadowy figure moving through the woods scared the crap out of me.  If that thing was chasing me, I'd probably scale a tower wall too. 

Jim: A bit of a let down, really. I was really hoping we would learn more about her and her family. 

Christine: Other than how her story of fear mirrored Charming's, I was kind of bored. But much like Robin I thought the shadowy figure following David in the woods was creepiness at its best. 

Do you think the Wicked Witch has actually stolen Charming's courage?

Gareth: I think she has planted doubt in his mind and that may affect him as we get further into the season. It's a very clever reinterpretation of the Wizard of Oz characters. Charming now cast as the Cowardly Lion, Rumple has lost his mind and is now the Scarecrow. So who will lose a heart? 

Robin: Not completely, but probably enough to render him useless against the Witch. My theory is that Snow's baby is Dorothy, the one person that can take the Wicked Witch down, so the Witch needs all her defenders out of the way.

Jim: I think she's stolen a symbol of it. And, as we know, symbols can have meanings. Not sure yet what she's got planned for it. 

Christine:  I'm curious to see where they're going with this. Will his courage fail him at an importune moment? And who will symbolize the Tin Man without a heart? And is the baby Dorothy or is Emma? At this point I'm really intrigued about where this story arc is headed.

Has Rumpelstiltskin truly gone mad?

Gareth: I think he's had a very rough year. Who knows what sort of nasty stuff the Wicked Witch has commanded him to do. Like I said, Rumple losing his mind plays into the Wizard of Oz mythos perfectly, with Rumple now taking on the role of the Scarecrow. 

Robin: I don't think so, not completely. Rumpel still seems to have a sliver of cognizance. He was aware enough of his situation to have insight about so-called "appearances", and to know that the Witch wanted something from him.

Jim: Gone? He was already mad, now he's just out of control. 

Christine:  I loved Rumpel's ramblings in his cage. He did sound crazy but he was sane enough to break out of his cage. Now I just hope he can make his way to Belle.

Hook seems fixated on the flying monkeys. Why?

Gareth: Hook is definitely hiding something, as Emma finally pointed out. It wouldn't surprise me if Hook knows a lot more than he is letting on or is having his strings pulled by somebody. 

Robin: Hook practically admitted that there's more he knows that he can't (or won't) tell. Whatever it is though, I think he's withholding it to protect Emma and everyone else. I'm pretty sure Hook would rather die than be the cause of Emma's hurt. 

Jim: You get chased by a flying simian and see if you're not a bit obsessed too. 

Christine: Very true, Jim. Perhaps he just relates them to Emma's suitors. Walsh was one and he thinks Neal may be one. But yeah, I think Hook knows more that he's saying. I only hope that when the truth comes out it doesn't hurt his chances with Emma. The girl's already got some serious trust issues. We don't want Hook making it worse.

What was your favorite scene from this Once Upon a Time Season 3 episode?

Gareth: I came to this show via Lost, rather than being a huge Disney fan, so I appreciate the darker moments and there were plenty in this episode. The tower scenes were very effective and creepy. However I just loved the interaction between Zelena and Rumple in the cage. It was a great extended scene and left me wanting much more. In my opinion, the show is at its best when it veers away from Disney and embraces the darker side of fairy tales. 

Robin: Emma and Hook talking in the woods.  Their banter is fun and playful, but geez, I just can't handle the chemistry between them - it's seriously off the freakin' charts. When he looked at her and said he was glad her heart still works - I melted.

Jim: As Robin already mentioned one of the best lines in the episode, I will mention the overall scene I really enjoyed: That of Regina and Henry in the park. It was nice to see her softer side again. 

Christine: OK, Robin took my first choice so in the interest of variety I'm going to go with David battling his fear in the woods. Like Gareth, I kind of like the darker, creepier moments and that shadowy figure stalking David through the forest was truly frightening. 

C. Orlando is a TV Fanatic Staff Writer. Follow her on Twitter.

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