Parenthood: Watch Season 5 Episode 19 Online

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On Parenthood Season 5 Episode 19, Sarah receives a visit from an old friend with some surprising news.

When Julia learns Joel spent $468 on a dinner, she asks him if he's sleeping with is boss and if he has any intention of working on their marriage. His answer changes their lives.

Zeek and Crosby set out on a road trip to get the final piece for the '65 GTO and do some heavy duty father son bonding in the meantime that helps Zeek come to a decision about his future with Camille.

Max announces that he's never going to school again and thus begins his new homeschooling including a sport called surfing.

Amber finds a way to bring Sydney and Victor together, showing that in the worst of times they will always be there for each other and how to make the best of a very bad situation.

Find out about all of these stories when you watch Parenthood online. Don't wait another minute!

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Parenthood Season 5 Episode 19 Quotes

To keep my kid at home. Not the kid who pissed in his canteen. You're gonna punish my kid? This is asinine.


Really? You had a negative outlook about something? That's a shocker.