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Joel enjoys success at work while Sarah gets a surprise from her past. 

Amber runs into Mark in the street.

Max bursts in on Kristina and Adam getting it on to them he's never going back to school again.

Zeek bursts in on Crosby and Jasmine to announce he's found the grill for his car -- the last piece -- and they have to go to Oregon to pick it up.

Joel and Peet are out at dinner and have a moment, and Julia finds out the dinner is over $468 when a bank calls to say there is a possible fraud alert.

Drew is hooked into babysitting Sydney and Victor for Joel but Drew says they hate him.

The principal at Max's school won't do anything about Max because nobody is accepting responsibility for the pee in the canteen. The dean of the school decides it's better if they don't push Max to return to school since it's his graduation year.

Mark calls Sarah because he wants to talk to her and he doesn't want to do it on the phone.

Julia and Sarah got to the restaurant where the charge was made to try to get information because Joel is being short with her and won't talk about anything but the kids.

Adam takes Max to surf.

Zeek and Crosby detour to ride ATVs.

Kristina and Adam start to butt heads about rewarding Max for not going to school.

Sydney and Victor start fighting and calling each other names and swearing. Drew has no control over them.

Julia asks if Joel is dating Peet and although he says no, he doesn't respond well. He's still simpering about her not respecting his space at work and tells her they aren't working on their relationship.

Zeek and Crosby get to the salvage yard and the owner has made a deal for the grill with someone else.

Hank goes to see his therapist and worries about not seeing Sarah any longer, even though they are working together beautifully.

Zeek confides in Crosby that he feels like he's cashing in his chips to early. Crosby decides to get the grill for his dad by making a deal with Ernie -- he gets a motorcycle.

Sarah and Mark meet for dinner and he shares that he's engaged.

Amber tries to rein in Victor and Sydney with a fun night out and some straight talk.




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Parenthood Season 5 Episode 19 Quotes

To keep my kid at home. Not the kid who pissed in his canteen. You're gonna punish my kid? This is asinine.


Really? You had a negative outlook about something? That's a shocker.