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Though Reign Season 1 Episode 16 didn't reveal the identity of the monster haunting the woods, it revealed more about the monster haunting the court: the increasingly deranged King Henry.

What's the source of Henry's madness? Lead poisoning? A crack on the skull? Too much cake? I haven't the foggiest - but the gang at court better get to the bottom of it, before they all end up at the bottom of a guillotine.

And, of course, there was the least heart-warming wedding in television history.

What's creating discord in the court? Is it the same force that drives the darkness in the woods?

Watch Reign online to find out...or, you know, you could vacation in the Blood Wood, I guess. I'm not judging here, but I am going to say that one of those options is a better idea than the other.

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Reign Season 1 Episode 16 Quotes

What's wrong with you isn't any poison I delivered, I swear to you, but you are ill.

Queen Catherine

This has been the source of my fury. People who refuse to listen to their king. Or are your ears full of wax?

King Henry

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Vance joy riptide Riptide Vance Joy iTunes
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Sleeping at last you are enough You Are Enough Sleeping At Last iTunes