Star-Crossed Round Table: "And Left No Friendly Drop"

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All it took to bring the Humans and the Atrians together at the integrated school was an outside foe.

The students went from anger and fear of swimming in the same pool to an epic fist fight in Star-Crossed Season 1 Episode 4. That wasn't the only cooperation that was going on. Roman received help deciphering his father's illegal phone.

Our Star-Crossed Round Table - including staff writers Carissa Pavlica, Leigh Raines, Jim Garner, Nick McHatton and Carla Day - break down the complicated relationships and surprising twists.


The Human and Atrian students ganged up together to beat up the rival school swim team after they poisoned Sophia with caffeine. Who had your favorite fight moves?

Leigh: Definitely Teri because she attempted to "use her words" first before headbutting some chick haha.

Carissa: Haha -- Use your words was a pretty good precursor to a head butt. It was just nice to see them all working together, although it took a little time to get into the "swing" of things!

Jim: I loved Teri following the letter of the request if not the spirit, when she took out her earrings while saying she was filled with rage.. Best fight opener ever. 

Nick: They're not so different after all! They decided to get together and kick some butt as a team. School spirit!

Carla: Teri definitely had the best line. I also loved when Eric basically shrugged and joined the fight with the Atrians

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Nox has been portrayed as an honorable man and leader of the Atrians. Does his secret son change that?

Leigh: Everyone has their baggage and secrets. Yes he was an adulterer and in today's politics he'd rightfully get skewered. But I still look at the good he was doing towards integration and human rights.

Carissa: It does for me. I'm disappointed that he cheated on his wife. I'm also confused about Gloria. They never came out and said she was a human, but we were left with the assumption because she has no tats, knowing fully well they remove their tats to infiltrate the humans and because of all the jokes about intergalactic sex during the episode. That could have been written better.  

Jim: Not at all, he clearly knew better that most that Humans and Atrians were more alike than they wanted to admit.

Nick: No, everything he's done for the Atrians cannot be disregarded. He has a secret son, and I'm willing to bet his son was to be part of his plans - to show humans that the Humans and Atrians are more alike then either side would like to admit. Thus, hoping to bring about the next generation on Earth - a mix of Human and Atrian.

Carla: After reading your responses and what we know about Nox outside of his secret son, I wonder if he was having an affair with Gloria. Maybe having a Human-Atrian child was part of his plan, but that doesn't necessarily mean he was cheating on his wife. Invitro, perhaps?

What do you make of Gloria and Castor's relationship?

Leigh: Damn Castor's really got an in with everyone. He holds a lot of information and cards. I'd be careful.

Carissa: Castor was closer to Nox than we realized, which is good to know. Or is it? I'm unsure Nox was even a good guy at this point. Maybe he was just a pig with his own agenda. Hey -- it's happened before with men. Don't judge!

Jim: Too soon to tell, reserving judgement until I see what the motive is. 

Nick: I think they have a relationship based solely on making sure her son and his nephew stay a secret.

Carla: Gloria didn't seem to fully trust Castor, but went to him when she needed help. She probably recruited him to assist in the cover-up because she didn't have any other option. If it served him to turn on her, I expect he would.

Who will soften towards the other side first and why? Drake or Eric?

Leigh: Drake and it will be because of blondie. Hormones overrule a lot.

Carissa:  Drake. As I said in the last Round Table, I think he's hooking up with Taylor. I have to admit -- I have no idea who Eric is. Whoops!

Jim: I'm pretty sure Drake will, he likes playing the bad-boy for the attention, Eric is an ass just because he's an ass. 

Nick: Echoing Carissa here, Drake is going to be hooking up with Taylor.

Carla: I'll go with Eric. Grayson's relationship with Emery will force him to accept the Atrians which will rub off on Eric. He did fight beside them after all.

Next Monday, we'll find out the identity of the hidden Atrian. Several candidates were ruled out due to the swim meet.  Who do you think it will be? And, will they be outed by water or something else?

Leigh: Still betting on Zoe! She had much more of a role this week. I think she will be outed in a meeting or something regarding intel.

Carissa: Are we going to find out about the Atrian or is everyone? If it's not Zoe, I'll be surprised. I think water will be too easy now that we know about it, so it will be something else, and it's possible it will be a hidden reveal. Maybe someone has been helping Gloria?

Jim: I honestly haven't a clue who the hidden Atrian is at this point. And I think we will find out because they will help Roman and/or Emery out.

Nick: I'm hoping it'll be someone important, but it'll probably end up being another person at the school.

Carla: I have no clue. I still think Taylor would be an intriguing choice. Drake and Taylor together would look different then. A spill drink?

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