Star-Crossed Round Table: "These Violent Delights Have Violent Ends"

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Red Hawks. Trags. The Council of Elders. Hidden Atrians.

On Star-Crossed season 1 episode 2, the show proved to be more than a troubled love story between Emery and Roman. The introduction of violent extremist groups on both sides and hidden de-marked Atrians broadened the tale to one full of danger and conflict.

In our inaugural Star-Crossed Round Table, TV staffers Leigh Raines, Jim Garner, Carissa Pavlica, Carla Day and Nick McHatton break down the various sides and speculate about what it all means.

Pull up a chair to the table and join the conversation! We don't discriminate. Humans and Atrians welcome!


Which group has you most intrigued and why? The Red Hawks? The Trags? The Council? Or, the Humans supporting integration?

Leigh: I think the Council intrigues me the most. The Red Hawks seem like a typical anti-something group. The Trags are the outlaws who are anti-integration. I want to know more about the Council and their intentions.

Jim: I'm curious about the humans supporting integration. seems like everyone else has an agenda, does Gloria Valdez have an agenda we haven't seen yet? Time will tell.

Carissa: I think this is going to be a very agreeable round table. The Council. Everyone else seems to have a pointed agenda and they're the only side that so far hasn't shown their hand.

Carla: While I'm intrigued by the four Atrian tribes, I'm not sure that that Council will be as interesting as the Red Hawks and the Trags. The two opposing rebel groups will be disruptive, while representing the troubles inherent in this new world. Plus, I expect we will see members of both of those groups with shifting beliefs.

Nick: Echoing the table here: The Council. There's something that's off about them, and I'm curious to learn more as we progress in the season. 

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Is Castor really on Roman's side? Does he want peace like the Council? Or does he support the Trags?

Leigh: Castor seems like a mixed bag. He probably isn't fully devoted to either side and has his own ideas about integration. I don't think he's a rebel, but I also don't think he's completely like his brother Nox. Castor definitely has his own agenda.

Jim: I think Castor played Roman, he set up a situation where he new Roman would have to ask for his help. As far as who he supports, I'm pretty sure Castor is only on Castor's side.

Carissa: Castor is definitely doing what's best for himself. He'll go wherever the tides take him, which means whatever side will give him the best deal and put him in the sweet spot. That makes him unpleasant and unworthy of trust.

Carla: I don't know what to make of Castor. Roman was probably too quick to trust his uncle though. I'd like to think he's working as a conduit between the Council and the Trags by helping the Atrians advance through both sides.

Nick: Castor seems to only trust those that serve his own self interests best, so he'll slither from side to side so long as it's best for him. 

What do you make of Julia's blue blood connection to Roman?

Leigh: Probably when you heal someone it connect you in a way. Roman had to mix his blood with the cyper to get it to work. Julia now has Atrian blood in her.

Jim: Intriguing! While I loved the tease, I wish we could have gotten it a little more information. As Leigh said, with Roman's blood in her, she's probably connected to him in a way we don't know yet.

Carissa: Are we sure it's only a blood connection to Roman? If it's to every Atrian that will be far more interesting because it would mean she'd light up around any and he'd have a huge reason to keep her away from his people.

Carla: It's going to bring Julia and Roman closer together, which will be awkward for Emery. Whatever the connection, it's going to put both Roman and Julia at risk. He broke a powerful Atrian code, which threatens all Atrians.

Nick: I'm not sure it's completely a blood based connection. I'm curious if the reason she's lighting up is because his blood has changed her now, and Atrian like qualities are going to begin manifesting.

What do you make of Grayson's connection to the Red Hawks? Is he really a true believer?

Leigh: Let me just say that I love Grey Damon and he always ends up in an intriguing role. I'd bet he's driven by whatever killed his brother on Arrival Day. But it can't be as simple as him being a hardcore Red Hawk. There's more to Grayson's story.

Jim: I completely agree with Leigh on Grayson. He's with the Red Hawks because of his brother's death, but there has to be more to the story or he would be as angry and bitter as Eric is.

Carissa: Considering what happened to his brother, he's likely a true believer. He also really likes Emery which will probably give him insight into the Atrians that he didn't have and when he learns what it was like for them upon landing, his loyalties will be torn.

Carla: Since he stopped the abduction of the Atrian and then seemed highly disturbed in the car with Vartan, I don't believe that Grayson is a Red Hawk believer. There's some connection between him and the Red Hawks, which is likely tied to his brother death though. His actions have shown someone who opposes the beliefs of the Red Hawks. 

Nick: Echoing Carissa here. 

EP Meredith Averill said that one of the students will be revealed to be a hidden Atrian. Speculate who it will be.

Leigh: Kind of thinking it might be Zoe. We only saw her briefly, but she's played by Dora Madison Burge from Friday Night Lights. She went up to Emery and gave her props for her speech. I wouldn't be surprised if it was someone who is sort of in the background.

Jim: Really to early to tell, I wouldn't be surprised if they hadn't decided who it would be until closer to the episode they reveal it. 

Carissa: I have to agree with Leigh. Dora Madison Burge isn't going to be a background player and the fact she's been there for the first two episodes is suspicious. I vote Zoe.

Carla: I'd love to see it be Eric, but I doubt it will be. His hatred of the Atrians would be a good cover. As a surprise, I'd go with Taylor. She's so chipper and unlike any of the Atrians we've seen so far. 

Nick: Again echoing Leigh and Carissa. Zoe is on my short list for hidden Atrian.

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