The Following Review: Fly Away Home

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It’s hard to believe that people would buy something as warped as the doctrine that Joe Carroll is spewing. It sounds so ridiculous just hearing someone explaining that killing others is the way to free souls and let them “go home.”

And yet, there are people out there that do absorb a cult’s teachings, no matter how crazy they might sound. Just look at a cult such as Charles Manson and his followers. Even something like members of the Peoples Temple committing mass suicide sounds ludicrous.

Still, watching Joe with his collection of followers on The Following Season 2 Episode 11 as he taught them the ways of Korban isn’t quite as entertaining or interesting as it could be. It just feels too much like him at the killer mansion in The Following Season 1, now with a religious spin.

Dangerous Terriory

Granted, I liked that Emma at least asked Joe about an actual plan beyond just “living in infamy.” It certainly gives some focus to this new chapter in Joe’s journey and I’m curious how the holy war against the preacher will go.

But things like Emma sleeping with Robert to keep him on their side just isn’t compelling. And I have a hard time watching Emma act like the big boss, too. I just wish there was something more for her to do on the show than simply be Joe’s number two. I wouldn’t be surprised if she winds up dead by the end of the season.

I was pleased with the return of Lily Grey and her attempt to rescue Luke. But seeing people get repeatedly stabbed and shot on such a graphic level is tough to watch. I know these are ruthless killers, but there’s still something very unsettling about watching random people get taken out.

Sure enough, it was a typical chase between Ryan and the bad guys, where he killed someone, just not a main character, and ultimately couldn’t stop his main culprit from getting away.

It really always feels so dark for the characters and in a lot of ways, it’s hard to believe that Ryan and Mike can catch Joe and Lily and get their form of justice. At least, Ryan remains optimistic because it really would be nice to see the good guys get a solid win.

Maybe Claire might help with that?

Hopefully, she can actually aid Ryan, but I’m glad he finally got to see she was alive. The look on his face was enough to know his world was turned upside down, but it was about time she showed up. The novelty of her return was wearing out its welcome as the series dragged it out since she showed up in The Following Season 2 Episode 9.

I am curious if it will change Ryan’s perspective knowing that the one he loved is still alive.

As for Mandy, she still obviously wants a family and getting back with Lily, Mark and Luke seemed like a no-brainer for her. But can Joe deal with that? Will Lily accept her? And will Lily seek out Joe now that she has Luke back?

I just hope that with four episodes left, The Following Season 2 finds a way to avoid meandering about until a final showdown in the finale. Let's move beyond the random deaths and characters and focus on a struggle between the core good and bad guys that feels personal and worth watching.

Will Claire be able to help Ryan?

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