The Real Housewives of Atlanta Review: The Twirling Tour

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Let's face it. NeNe Leakes just doe sn't do apologies, even when they're due. "With Friends Like These" Cynthia Bailey should be looking elsewhere on TThe Real Housewives of Atlanta Season 6 Episode 20. We recap the slick, supposed sorries in our +/- review. 

We dove right back into NeNe calling Peter a bitch but then she apologizes. Well, not really. 

"I am so sorry. I didn't mean that you were a bitch I said that you were acting like a bitch." Huge difference. Not!  Minus 31.

The funny thing was that NeNe said this several times as though it really was an apology. 

Is it just us or has NeNe been grumpy this entire season? Once The New Normal got cancelled it seemed to change her entire outlook. 

Gregg may have been even worse than his wife as he shook Peter's hand only to tell him. "Use that one pass. That next one got a ticket on it." Minus 37. Seriously Gregg. Shut your mouth.

Peter and Cynthia were far too nice about the whole thing and what's worse is that NeNe took for granted that they would be. Minus 20

Back in Atlanta Kandi was getting her musical ready and rehearsals were on their way…without Porsha.

Apparently her attorney was working out her contract and she wanted top billing. Is this girl serious? Kandi gives her a shot at a real part in this musical and she's jerking her around. Minus 40. Porsha's more interested in the size of her dressing room than in doing her job. 

If anyone needs to be in rehearsals, it's Porsha. She doesn't even remember the name of her character. 

Instead Porsha went out clubbing and told some guy she couldn't give him her number because she's in between phones. Plus 15 for making me laugh with the lamest blow off ever. 

Kandi visiting her former high school was very cool. It was great to see where she came from and the teachers who made a difference. And of course it was wonderful to watch Kandi give back to other students. Plus 60.

Kenya's fake baby made sense. It went along with her fake boyfriend. The only thing weirder was watching her take the doll shopping for baby toys. Minus 13.

We're actually feeling sorry for the doll.

Episode total = -66! Season total = -1195!

Should Cynthia and Peter have forgiven NeNe and Gregg?

With Friends Like These Review

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