Twisted: Watch Season 1 Episode 16 Online

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Danny made a huge confession to his mother at the end of Twisted Season 1 Episode 15.

Karen insists that she didn't move Vikram's body from the ravine, but that Jack probably did to protect them.

When Danny shares this revelation with Jo, she is nervous but also looking forward to disentangling herself from the latest Danny drama. Jo runs for Student Body President but ends up telling everyone to vote for Rico's new girlfriend Andie.

Meanwhile Lacey wants Danny to tell her the truth about everything already. When he finally does, they break up, but it's more about his relationship with Jo than the fact that he lied.

Charlie had some interesting stuff to say about Danny. Find out when you watch Twisted online!


Twisted Season 1 Episode 16 Quotes

You and I both know that you will never be fine.

Vikram [to Danny]

It's not lying. It's withholding information.