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King Ecbert proves himself to be a serious threat to Ragnar and his men. The King not only engages the enemy, but also sends an envoy to negotiate with them. Ragnar prefers land over treasure, and makes this clear to the King's emissary.

Athelstan fights bravely and his encounter with a young monk will haunt him moving forward.

Lagertha is in an abusive relationship with Earl Sigvard of Scandinavia, who mocks and resents her son Bjorn.

Jarl Borg seeks vengeance against Ragnar for going back on his word and invades Kattegat.

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Vikings Season 2 Episode 3 Quotes

When I lived at the court of the Emperor Charlemagne, these Northmen had already emerged from their lairs to attack parts of his empire... And now it is our turn to deal with these ruffians, these pagans. But deal with them with shall and must.

King Ecbert

Ragnar: This land is rich, but here is the real treasure.
King Horik: Earth?
Ragnar: Have you not seen? Everywhere we go there are crops. There is food growing. I am a farmer and the son of a farmer, and this is what I understand.