I've been told your god is a carpenter. And guess what? So am I.


Helga: What happened to you?
Floki: I wish I could say.
Helga: Why don't you try?
Floki: I don't want to be imprecise.
Helga: It's not a riddle.
Floki: No, it's a truth. I just don't know what the truth is.

We are all equally Ragnar's sons, but we are not equal in battle. So I will take the lead. I will establish the battle plans, and I will give the orders. Do you understand that?


Aethelwulf: You're not behaving like a king anymore. People are already talking about it. You're distracted, you're withdrawn, you seem unsure, hesitant. Once you were firm, you were strong.
Ecbert: No, I am filled with doubts, and I have begun to believe that being firm and strong was the illusion, and that I am unsure now because it is the most honest way to be.
Aethewulf: Not in the face of a great heathen army that have come to destroy us.

Floki: You should have killed him when you had the chance.
Bjorn: Why would you say that?
Floki: Because I have a bad feeling that he will reach more fame than any of you.

Lagertha: You had no right to free my slave without my permission.
Ubbe: I don't remember you asking permission to kill my mother.
Lagertha; That's different. I'm queen now.
Ubbe: I know, I just don't know for how long.

Floki: Us? You are no longer a part of us, Rollo.
Rollo: But what is us, Floki, is changing, only you won't accept it.

Ubbe: So we declare war on England.
Ivar: No, in the name of our dead father, in the name of Ragnar Lothbrok, the greatest hero of our country, and in the name of Odin, we declare war on the whole world.

Ivar: What is it?
Floki: It's your legs, Ivar. It's your wings.

Ecbert: Ragnar and I were alike in many ways. I trusted him, he trusted me.
Aethelwulf: I'm not talking about Ragnar, I'm talking about his son, Ivar.
Ecbert: He's a cripple.
Aethelwulf: He's a viking. You made a huge mistake releasing him.

I've come here for justice. Everyone knows that you killed my mother for no reason, except ambition. Therefore I demand justice.


No more killing. Not in here, not in this place. I forbid it. If you want to kill these people, you have to kill me first.


Vikings Quotes

How the little piggies will grunt when they hear how the old boar suffered.


Ragnar: What do you see?
Bjorn: Power, the power of a king.
Ragnar: Power is always dangerous. It attracts the worst and corrupts the best. I never asked for power. Power is only given to those who are prepared to lower themselves to pick it up.