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On NCIS Season 11 Episode 20, Delilah breaks what appears to be the cardinal rule of intelligence agencies: she goes against her boss's orders and takes some uncovered intelligence to the NCIS team.

Meanwhile, things are getting a little rocky in the Tim and Delilah relationship. He has something to ask her... and she has something she needs to tell him.

Are there storm clouds over their paradise? How did the Case of the Week unfold? What unique role did Tony play?

You can find out for yourself.  Watch NCIS online right here and now:

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NCIS Season 11 Episode 20 Quotes

Jones: If I'd know you were coming I would have stayed and baked cookies.
Tony: Hey. I have to ask.
Jones: Brisco kept me so high I barely remember crawling out of that place on my hands and knees. I found a gun that he left behind and I hid in a storm drain across the street until the drugs got out of my system. Agent DiNozzo, if I was in on this, why would I risk coming back for Melody?

Jones: Agent McGee! We forgot witnesses. Any chance you two could help us out?
McGee: Absolutely.