Once Upon a Time Round Table: "Bleeding Through"

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Once Upon a Time stepped into the past to reveal why Cora gave up baby Zelena this week, while also making it evident what Zelena plans to do to change her fate.

Below,TV Fanatics Jim Garner, Michelle Calbert and Robin Harry are joined by Gareth from Once Upon a Fan to decide who was worse - Cora or Eva - and to discuss what they thought of Rumpelstiltskin's attempts at seduction on Once Upon a Time Season 3 Episode 18...

Once Upon a Time RT - depreciated -

Who did you think was worse, Cora or Eva?

Jim: Two sides of the same coin. Both had selfish reasons for doing what they did. However, I think in time Eva learned to love the king, whereas Cora was really only after power. 

Michelle: Definitely Cora. I could maybe have believed she loved "Prince Jonathan," but it was obvious she was just using Leopold from day one. Eva simply told the truth about what she had heard, Cora was the one who had been lying. 

Gareth: Definitely Cora. She was willing to deceive Leopold and pretend the baby was his, proving how manipulative she was even with her heart intact. I have never been able to sympathize with Cora. 

Robin: Cora is THE WORST. Ava was opportunistic and condescending, but she only forced Cora out of the palace. Ava at least became a good mother. Cora was a gold-digging, thieving liar who chose to give up her first child just so she could continue her quest to marry rich and powerful, and then mind-screwed her second child for the same reason. Awful.

Are you happy with the changes in Regina or do you long for more of the Evil Queen?

Jim: I love, love, love the new Regina. She is so much more layered than the she was as the Evil Queen. Not being evil is like Regina's own personal 12-step program; she struggles against it everyday and has to make amends to those she hurt along the way. 

Michelle: I am so happy to see the old Evil Queen gone. I love where they have taken Regina and I look forward to seeing her journey continue. 

Gareth: I love the character development we have seen this season with Regina. Her scenes with Snow were great. They both seem to understand each other intimately and can have an honest relationship with each other now. 

Robin: I absolutely love watching a character evolve as Regina has.  She's battled her demons, she's realized what's important in her life, and she takes a step towards redemption every single day. She's fascinating. 

Do you want to see Zelena go back in time?

Jim: Not at all, as I'm terrified they will use that to reset "the story." While that trick worked for Eureka, I'm not sure it would work for Storybrooke. 

Michelle: I definitely don't want any sort of reset, but I think it could be interesting to see her go back in time if only to get a glimpse of a different reality. But I would only want a glimpse - think It's a Wonderful Life - and then see it all snap back where it belongs. 

Gareth: As long as it is not another long term reset. I wouldn’t mind if the finale was a “what if” kind of situation, in which we see what life could have been like had Zelena changed history. That would be cool but I wouldn’t want it to drag on for 11 episodes!  Even if Zelena succeeds in going back and getting rid of Ava, there are so many variables. I have a feeling Zelena will still not get what she wants and may be just as unhappy. 

Robin: I'm with Gareth and Jim on this - I'm okay with one or two episodes of what-could-have-been, but I would hate if they used this as a reset button.

Zelena and Rumpelstiltskin's kiss, seductive or EWW?

Jim: I will freely admit that Zelena looked good... but I was still grossed out. I knew he was doing it to try and get the dagger, but I still shuttered. 

Michelle: So. Much. Ew. I seriously could barely watch it. I think Rumple is hella sexy but with Zelena....just ick. I was so glad to see he had just been trying to seduce the dagger off of her. Way to go, Rumple!

Gareth: It was pretty hot. Zelena is very sexy. Ultimately though, it was pretty obvious what Rumple was after. 

Robin: Both. The way Rumpel went all in was pretty seductive, but the purpose of the kiss and Zelena's...umm...vocalizations during the kiss really put it in the ewww zone. 

What was your favorite scene from this Once Upon a Time Season 3 episode?

Jim: Regina and Snow right before she went and found Robin (just barely beating out the Regina/Robin kiss). Snow and Regina are realizing they have more in common than they thought. And Snow telling Regina she can feel without her heart was pretty spot on! 

Michelle: Regina and Robin's kiss. I feel like we've been waiting for it forever (even though it hasn't actually been that long), so it was fantastic to see her finally with her true love.

Gareth: The scenes with Regina and Snow. It was great to see them talking about their past. Regina protecting Snow from her mother was such a huge turnaround. I felt like this episode marked a new beginning for both of them. They were finally letting go of the past. And then the Robin/Regina kiss! Just topped off a great episode. 

Robin: Jim and Gareth mentioned the best scenes, so I'll give another for variety's sake. I loved the scene where Emma was showing Hook her magic. The reversal of their personalities was intense; for once, Emma was joking around and light-hearted with him, and Hook was serious and miserable. I felt so bad for him.

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