Vikings: Watch Season 2 Episode 7 Online

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This week on Vikings, Ragnar personally carries out Jarl Borg's "Blood Eagle" sentence in one of the series' most disturbing scenes.

King Aelle of Northumbria seeks an alliance with King Ecbert of Wessex and they accomplish this by marrying off their children.

Speaking of children, Bjorn is still chasing after slave girl Poruun much to his father's disapproval.

Lagertha, now an Earl, returns to Kattegat and pledges four ships and over one hundred men to Ragnar's cause.

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Vikings Season 2 Episode 7 Quotes

King Ecbert I've traveled many miles to meet you. So that together you and I, Wessex and Northumbria, can save our country.

King Aelle

The offendant gets down on his knees. Then his back is opened with knives and then with axes his ribs are chopped away from his spine. And then his lungs are pulled out of this huge bleeding wound and laid upon his shoulders so they look like the folded wings of a great eagle.