Grey's Anatomy Review: Cristina and the Chocolate Factory

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Preston Burke made his highly anticipated return on Grey's Anatomy Season 10 Episode 22.

Like most Grey's Anatomy fans, I wondered if it would play a role in Cristina's upcoming swan song. And it sure did.

Coffee, Cristina?

I'll admit it: A tiny bit of me wondered if the infamous Dr. Burke was back to rescue Cristina. However, I knew there was just no way this could be possible simply because we are talking about the Dr. Cristina Yang. She is no damsel and will never need rescuing. 

Like many of you, I've been curious to find out why exactly Cristina is leaving. And now, it appears that the puzzle pieces have fallen into place. We likely have our answer as Burke made Cristina an amazing offer: the keys to his hospital.

Though we can't exactly be sure she'll pack her bags and move to Zurich just yet, I think it's safe to bet that the final two installments are going to be incredibly pivotal.

By the way, I loved every bit of Cristina's scenes with Burke. In fact, I realized that I actually missed him. Even after seven years, the chemistry between Sandra Oh and Isaiah Washington was totally undeniable. When Burke revealed that he was married and also a father, I honestly was a little crushed.

I could never see her back with him, but I couldn't help the way I felt. After all, there was once a time when we rooted for this duo.

I also liked that their conversations brought on Cristina's ultimate goal - to someday print a functional human beating heart. I wasn't all too shocked when Burke said he was leaving and the institute was hers if she wanted it.

I laughed at the Willy Wonka reference as the institute and the astounding offer was definitely kind of like Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. One more thing, Burke's hologram heart was so freaking cool!

Back at the hospital, Derek and Amelia teamed up on a very difficult surgery involving conjoined twins. The surgery also required assistance from several of the other doctors including Callie, Jackson and others. I thought it was an interesting case, but it was also very heartbreaking at the same time. 

Lastly, Jackson and April were (thankfully) tired of fighting. With Webber being kind of jerky to Jackson, April rightfully called him out on it. It was nice to see her stick up for Jackson and remind Webber that Jackson deserves some respect and wasn't to blame for Cristina not winning the Harper Avery Award.

More importantly, Jackson is making a compromise for the sake of his marriage. Kudos to him!

Other Thoughts:

  • Arizona's baby name plan backfired as Callie's considering Agamemnom. Seriously?!
  • I liked the brotherly and sisterly scenes with Derek and Amelia. I want to see more. 
  • Jo overheard Webber and Hunt talking about firing one of the residents. Who do you think they were talking about? 
  • I'm glad that Stephanie realized the truth about Bailey's bubble boy case. Will the parents or anyone else find out?
  • Be sure to join our Grey's Anatomy Round Table next week to discuss Burke's return and much more.

All in all, I thought "We are Never Getting Back Together" was absolutely incredible.

Oh was flawless. Burke's return made it a very strong and unforgettable episode that lived up to its hype. We'll never be ready to really say farewell to Cristina, but I can't help but feel very happy for her now that she has a promising opportunity at hand. 

Which resident is getting fired?

Here is your first look at Grey's Anatomy Season 10 Episode 23, as Cristina's farewell tour continues. With a proposal?

We Are Never Getting Back Together Review

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