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It's application time on Awkward Season 4 Episode 9, as the everyone gets ready to send in their college applications.

Jenna and Tamara want to make it a girl's night because their futures are not so locked together anymore; while Eva tries to use the applications process to win Matty over further by painting Jenna in a bad light.

Elsewhere, Val and Lacey head to her high school reunion to reunite with her crush Stevie.

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Awkward Season 4 Episode 9 Quotes

Here's the deal Eva, things aren't great between Matty and I right now, but I know Matty McKibben and he would never f**k you in my bed. So I don't know what kind of game this is you're playing, but count me out. But, hey, nice try.


Bovine Feces that's bulls**t in SAT.