Beauty and the Beast: Watch Season 2 Episode 19 Online

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On Beauty and the Beast Season 2 Episode 19 Gabe's involvement tracking down Vincent takes on new dimensions.

Gabe demands that both Tess and Cat be suspended for obstruction of justice. He has Cat followed and Captain Ward wonders if it's personal.

Cat and Vincent decide to turn the tables on Gabe and play him at his own game. The result is murder.

Heather comes home with good news to share, but she barely gets the chance before she is kidnapped and in need of saving. Her questions about Cat's life bubble over.

To find out how far Gabe is willing to go and whether Heather is safe, you need to watch Beauty and the Beast online.

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Beauty and the Beast Season 2 Episode 19 Quotes

Cat: I'm already in trouble. I'm in trouble with a fugitive.
Vincent: I didn't do it.
Cat: That's what they always say.

Vincent: You know, everyone thinks the guy is some paragon of good, but in truth, if they only knew who he used to be...
Cat: Well, maybe it's time they found out. Maybe it's time we dig up something from Gabe's past and put him on the defensive for once.
Vincent: Something like what?
Cat: I don't know. But he's done plenty of awful things as a beast, things he's conveniently forgotten. Maybe it's time to remind him.