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Gabe suspends both Cat and Tess for cause and Heather comes home in this episode of Beauty and the Beast.

Cat is being followed by her own precinct.

Heather shows up just as Cat needs to see Vincent on the roof.

Heather notices Vincent on the news as a fugitive and wonders if they stopped dating. She never gets to tell Cat her news.

Gabe orders Cat and Tess suspended for obstruction of justice. He's protecting the city. And Cat. 

Gabe is doing everything he can to find Vincent, except staking out Cat's roof.

Gabe wants to tighten the noose on Catherine...and the captain needs to know if it's personal. Gabe dodges the question.

Heather shows up at the precinct looking for Cat and runs into Gabe.

Heather is engaged.

JT went to Boston so they pulled the surveillance from his place.

Gabe learns Cat was looking into a murder he committed. Ray Sheckman.

Tess goes to Heather. Heather doesn't like the lies. She lets Tess know she was suspended. She wants to help.

Tess is honest and Heather overreacts, which is exactly why they didn't want to tell her.

Gabe calls Sheckman's brother to tell him it was Vincent who killed him, hoping for vigilante justice.

Why can Vincent "sense" things to the point that he "sees" them?

A year later and the shoe that Vincent took off of the witness is still in the museum.

Cat tells Heather the truth about the night her mom died and the beast rescuing her being Vincent.

Heather thinks the story is fake and that Cat thinks she's an idiot.

Gabe ties the story of his brother's death to that of Sheckman. Then he gives brother Sheckman Heather's name.

Cat and Vincent find the witness.

While Heather is trying on wedding dresses, Sheckman shows up.

Heather and Vincent are trapped and Sheckman2 plants a bomb. Vincent beasts out to free her.

Cat and Tess arrive to take down Sheckman and the others, but Vincent saved the day.

Gabe is arrested but makes bail.

Gabe goes to the witness and kills him.


Beauty and the Beast
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Beauty and the Beast Season 2 Episode 19 Quotes

Cat: I'm already in trouble. I'm in trouble with a fugitive.
Vincent: I didn't do it.
Cat: That's what they always say.

Vincent: You know, everyone thinks the guy is some paragon of good, but in truth, if they only knew who he used to be...
Cat: Well, maybe it's time they found out. Maybe it's time we dig up something from Gabe's past and put him on the defensive for once.
Vincent: Something like what?
Cat: I don't know. But he's done plenty of awful things as a beast, things he's conveniently forgotten. Maybe it's time to remind him.