Days of Our Lives Round Table: Gabi Confesses to Killing Nick

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Before Will had the chance to sign his confession, yet another person intervened as Gabi confessed to killing Nick. Our TV Fanatics Nick McHatton and Christine Orlando are joined by Wendylou from MyHourglass a Days of Our Lives Fan Forum to discuss if Gabi really did it, if there's any sympathy for Nicole and what was their favorite scene on this week's Days of Our Lives. 


Do you have any sympathy for Nicole's predicament with Eric?

Nick: Nicole made this mess completely on her own, so I do not have any sympathy for her. She was doing a good thing looking for the evidence and clearing Eric's name, and when she did find it she destroyed it for her own selfish reasons. Eric changed his entire life for her, and now she's reaping the consequences of her choice.

Wendylou:  At this point, no. I was rooting for her for a long time and I even thought she had changed when she set out to find proof of Eric's drugging even though she knew it might mean losing him back to the priesthood, however, she has fallen right back into the selfish, manipulative lying behavior she always resorts to in her relationships. I'm SO tired of it. Of all the men she has manipulated and lied to Eric is the most sympathetic. This is a man who has been drugged and raped, publicly humiliated and basically had his career taken from him and Nicole thinks it is her right to hide to truth from him, to strip him of his own right to choose how to proceed with that information because she doesn't want to lose him??? I don't care that she started with the best of intentions and her lies got out of control. She always has and excuse and I'm tired of it. Grow up woman!

Christine:  I love Nicole and always have. I love her never say die attitude and how she pushes things to the limit but I am tired of seeing her on the same story merry-go-round over and over. She starts off with good intentions, then lies when things get tough and it always blows up in her face and it's about to happen again. I was hoping she'd redeem herself this time with Eric but it's obviously not meant to be. 

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Daniel and Jennifer. Good friends doing the right thing or self righteous hypocrites?

Nick: In this case, as much as I loathe Jennifer, I'm glad she does end up telling Eric. She's being a good friend because Nicole was never going to tell Eric, and that's a big lie to live with for the rest of her life. Better Eric have all the options laid out for him and to make his own choices with complete clarity rather than being unknowingly manipulated by Nicole.

Wendylou:  I'm sure some will say that Nicole is right and that they are hypocrites for lying for JJ but to me that is a bit different in that no one else was involved. Nicole's lies are hurting Eric and robbing him of his freedom to choose whether he wants to go back to the priesthood or be with her, not to mention clearing his name. If Nicole truly loved Eric she'd see that. Daniel and Jennifer are Eric's friends too and if I were in their shoes I would not cover for Nicole either.

Christine:  As much as I hate to say it, they are doing the right thing by making sure Eric knows the truth. But I had to laugh at Jennifer. She couldn't run fast enough to tattle on Nicole and I found that kind of funny.

Did Gabi actually kill Nick or is she just the latest person to confess?

Nick: Gabi has the most to lose with Nick, and I think she saw a way out when she found Victor's gun off screen. She's definitely the killer.

Wendylou:  Yes, I think Gabi did kill Nick and I've thought so from the moment she showed up late to the hospital and told Abby that she had mistakenly gone to the ER thinking Nick would have been taken there. I think she was really using that time to put the gun back in the apartment. Gabi knew Nick was never going to let her go and that he wanted her and Ari all to himself. I think she felt like it was her only option, sadly.

Christine:  Yeah, I think Gabi's telling the truth. When she realized that Nick hadn't changed at all and was manipulating her once again, she just snapped. I'm sure she found the gun and saw her only way out. I'm actually excited to see how this all plays out.

Bev uses her STD test to try and break up JJ and Paige. Discuss.

Nick: Jealousy is not a good look for Bev. Her plan does not even work at all, but does the opposite by bringing Paige and JJ closer together. How about Bev be an alternative to Paige and try to win JJ over to her side fair and square rather than stooping down to using an STD test to try to get Paige to back off?

Wendylou:  Bad karma Bev. You don't lie about that stuff, it just might come back to bite you in the future. That said, I'm so glad Paige told JJ about it right away and Bev's stupid scheme didn't work. 

Christine:  Using an STD test to break up another couple has got to be a new low. It's mean, manipulative and downright skeevy and I had hoped for better from Bev. That said, it was so refreshing to have Paige show such common sense and be honest with JJ. We don't see that much on soaps and it was certainly entertaining to watch them have a real conversation about it. 

What was your favorite scene or story line this week? 

Nick: As much as I dislike Nicole's actions, when she's talking to Daniel about Eric and says "I was his first. He was my last. He was the last person that I loved with no strings. No hidden plan." I got a little choked up. Nicole, for all of her crazy shenanigans, is just looking for love.

Wendylou:  I liked Victor and Sonny's scenes at the Kiriakis Mansion. It was great seeing him try to protect Sonny and also out-manuever the Salem PD. I'm pretty sure he did something to the murder weapon before they got to it.

Christine:  Definitely Victor confronting Sonny. I loved it when Victor told him that if you need someone murdered, you come to me. It was classic Victor and I wish we got to see more of him. 

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