Gang Related Review: Twice Raided

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Each week, it gets more and more difficult to understand the Acosta family and the actions they take with the intention of going legit.

On Gang Related Season 1 Episode 6, Javier's decision to move into fishscale began to look like his downfall. His greed to make more money before he got out of the drug business now threatened his ability to get out at all.

Chapel was relentless in his pursuit of the fishscale coming into Los Angeles. He threatened a man's son and mistreated his CI in order to get the answers he needed. It worked in the end. He got a large fishscale shipment that was painted on a truck and that was the beginning of the end for Acosta.

Javier tried to protect his business by feeding misinformation to his men. It worked, but it didn't stop Chapel and the GTF from finding the even larger shipment coming in the next day. The GTF decoded the message and realized they had the coordinates for the new shipment. Chapel's CI was burned, but the task force had other means to use.

The CI gave Chapel one other gift before he was useless. He revealed that Acosta had his own mole within the task force. Chapel believed him and had the team members turn in their cell phones and forced them to give up all electronics. They were going to go old-school and that prevented Ryan from warning Javier about the new takedown.

While on the scene of the raid, Ryan's loyalty to the Acosta family took precedence over the task force. He provided a diversion by blowing up a boat and then attempted to sink the submarine filled with fishscale. Ryan's plan failed when Cassius showed up.

It was a bad day for the Acostas all around. They lost the major shipment, Daniel made a huge mistake with his bank's funds, Ryan's potentially compromise by Cassius, and Daniel was kidnapped by someone. At this point, Ryan really can't do much to help Javier. Perhaps, it's time for the Acostas to jump ship and move on.

It's going to be difficult for the Acostas to recover from this multi-million dollar loss. Javier may also be facing an additional threat to his power from Carlos. Going clean and legit sounds like the right direction, but it may end up costing Javier much more than money. His freedom and family are on the line.

Whose side is Ryan mostly on?

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