Penny Dreadful Review: The Beast Within

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One of Ethan’s secrets came to light, while still more were kept hidden on Penny Dreadful Season 1 Episode 4.

Ethan is still a mystery, though we did learn that he was hiding the fact that he likes the company of men over women. Or could it be that Dorian simply has that effect on anyone?

I certainly couldn’t keep my eyes of him in this episode, that’s for sure.

Vanessa Ives

Before the oh- so-tantalizing kiss at the end of this hour, there was a lot of equally tantalizing hints about him dropped throughout the story.

He grew increasingly upset as Sir Malcolm and Victor talked over the killings in the paper. He also became very disturbed by all of the blood in the dog vs. rat fight.

Dorian: I suppose we all play parts.
Ethan: What's yours?
Dorian: Human.

If we hadn’t already met vampires on this series, I would suspect that Ethan might be one of them – despite the fact that it’s almost certain he is a werewolf. One thing that I found intriguing was Dorian’s insistence that Ethan was more refined and knowledgeable than he was letting on. Is his entire persona an act? If so, why?

Beyond Ethan and Dorian’s adventures, there was a lot happening with everyone else. Fenton’s Master did indeed arrive at the mansion looking for Vanessa, but after snarling at the crucifix on the wall and discovering Vanessa wasn’t there, he took off.

Dorian: What does it say to you?
Vanessa: Touch me with your finger, softly.

Did Mina indeed lead Vanessa to Fenton to bring the creature to them and what is this betrayal that Vanessa spoke of? There is much more to be learned there.

As for Victor, he had his hands full as he worked with Van Helsing (how awesome was it that he was the hematologist?) to examine Fenton’s blood. Plus, Caliban paid another visit and demanded that his bride be delivered ASAP and that she be beautiful.

Brona’s journey went from joyful to devastating in the blink of an eye. She realized that her life with Ethan was nothing but a dream and ran off, only to collapse in the street with a coughing fit that reminded her how very close she was to death. In that moment, I couldn’t help but to wonder if she will end up being Caliban’s bride. Who else is with me?

Caliban: My bride must be beautiful.
Frankenstein: To match her mate?

We are now halfway through the season and I do hope that perhaps we are getting closer to answering questions and not asking so many new ones. I don’t know about you guys, but I’m starting to have a hard time keeping up with everyone and their stories. So far they are interesting, but I don’t know if they will become more convoluted after this point.

Freakiest bits:

  • Dorian and his companions sitting and watching the debauchery happening around them.
  • Dorian viewing his painting (this one bordered on freaky, yet incredibly cool. Though I was sorry we didn’t get to actually see the painting.
  • The little girl. That is all.
  • Fenton mumbling “so many monsters” as he drifted off. I wasn’t sure if he was talking of those that were to come or Sir Malcolm and his friends.
  • Fenton reaching for the apple and then turning into a screaming maniac. I especially enjoyed his demands for “rats and bats!”
  • Sembene calmly walking into the room and killing a cat for Fenton, as Sir Malcolm and Victor were debating how to feed him. I am animal lover, but that still made me laugh out loud.
  • Fenton chewing on his own arm.
  • Fenton crawling in the dark after Sir Malcolm and Victor.
  • The men enjoying the blood that was spattered on them as the dog killed all those rats.

Do you think that Brona is destined to become Caliban's bride?

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Penny Dreadful Season 1 Episode 4 Quotes

Vanessa: Is it poisonous?
Dorian: Like all beautiful things, I hope so.

Dorian: What does it say to you?
Vanessa: Touch me with your finger, softly.