Beauty and the Beast: Watch Season 2 Episode 21 Online

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Well, Beauty and the Beast Season 2 Episode 21 is full of the expected and the unexpected. 

Did anyone think Heather was getting married so soon? If doing to is to the detriment of the future of everyone else, I would suggest changing the date. 

Gabe is still on his quest to get Catherine to give him another shot, open her heart, if you will. When she doesn't open her heart, he finds another one and takes it. Nasty man.

Vincent gets his exoneration, but the price is a surprising one. Now, will someone step up and give him the proper opportunity that should be afforded to someone with his stellar military record, military skills and beast senses?

It's a heck of a week, so you need to watch Beauty and the Beast online to see what you missed. 

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Beauty and the Beast Season 2 Episode 21 Quotes

JT: Heather wants penis straws? She actually wrote that in her email.
Tess: Yeah. Apparently they're a bachelorette party staple.

Cat: I'm just saying that I have a certain thing over him and I intend to use it to my benefit.
Vincent: Well, clearly, the whole blonde thing is getting to her.