Beauty and the Beast Review: Here We Go Again

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Really?!? Really

Heather won't turn in Gabe for kidnapping because she's just too damn busy trying to be a normal bride and "too terrified" of what she went through. Well, any time I'm kidnapped by someone who knows exactly where to find me to do it again, I always choose the coward's way out. That's called sarcasm.

Go ahead and scream at me if that's what you need to do, because Beauty and the Beast Season 2 Episode 21 was a pain in the butt!

To get through this, I'm going to have to chat with those who know the story best. Cat, Vincent, Tess, JT, Gabe, Heather... you're all on my list. Listen up!

Heather, Heather, Heather. I thought your return would give some normalcy to Cat, some sense of family. Is it really too much time to go down to the police station and report that a man currently on bail for murder kidnapped you?! Is your stupid bachelorette party really that important? I don't think so, sweetheart. Now he's out on the streets, in beast form, killing and God knows what else. Way to go! I blame you.

Gabe. You mentally deranged nut case. I hope with all of my heart that you are dead by the end of next week. Who keeps helping you? How did you get a bunch of guys to act as federal agents (if they were actual federal agents, then OMG) and release Vincent from prison just so you could get his blood? You really are a successful double-faced liar.

I also have to ask you Gabe, did you really go through everything only to decide that the main focus of Cat's love for Vincent is his beastie side? You never stopped to think that it might be his kind nature and desire to help people? I mean, Cat did tell you loud and clear what it was that she was hoping to discover in you when you took her cake decorating. Hint: it wasn't beast blood.

Catherine. You successfully killed Gabe, only to have your boyfriend, who was coming over to kill him himself, revive him. How well did that turn out for you? JT knows where the bodies are burned. Would it have been that difficult for you guys to wrap Gabe in a rug and take him over there for a nice candlelight vigil? Admit it, it felt damn good to beast out and killing Gabe wasn't so bad. 

Oh, and Cat? You are not Rebecca Reynolds. Don't let her diary shape the way you think. For the most part, your own instincts have been on target. You really don't need to consult old news to find your way in this modern world. History does not always repeat itself, thank goodness.

Tess. Bless you for being such a great friend to Cat and not strangling Heather. I don't know how you held back. Well, I suppose it was the distraction provided by the uninvited Beth and all of her damn questioning that kept you from revealing to Heather just how annoying she was being about the bachelorette party and her refusal to turn in Gabe. Keep on loving JT. You two never cease to make me smile.

JT, you're guilty of not thinking about burning Gabe before you aided in saving him. If you weren't so busy feeling inferior to the sex toys in the Closet store, you'd have had that one. I know it. Instead, you let the perfect opportunity for Gabe to slip into the ether pass you by. Then, when you were making nicey nice with Tess and realizing that you actually are sexually compatible, Gabe beasted out and escaped. I'm sure you were shocked.

Vincent, your only sin this week was caring too much about everything. Your spidey senses must have been off in your desire to look good in everyone's eyes so you could be exonerated. I get it, but don't let it happen again. You have amazing tracking skills and perception so that you can be our hero. We don't want you to let important hints slip past you. While you're listening, the next time you feel you need a disguise, toss the pea coat and baseball cap for a duster and a cowboy hat. They will do world more to hide you than a mustache.

Gabe, I'm not really sure what your plan is to expose the beast when you've become one again. If I recall correctly, you took a hell of a chance injecting yourself since the thought was that reinfection could kill you. Joke's on us! At least let me thank you for ripping the heart out of the annoying Beth. Best thing you've done all season. She danced with fire and got burned. 

All of you have a lot to accomplish next week. You're role is most important, Gabe, because you need to die. Plain and simple. Just find the bucket and kick it. The rest of you have to help him find the bucket. Squeeze in a few sexy moments if you can. We've missed them.

I have a sneaking suspicion we're never going to meet your boyfriend, Heather, and I don't know what that's all about. The romantic side of the rest of your lives seems on par. Cat and Vincent are in a good place (sans Gabe) and JT and Tess, you are always adorbs.

Since Cat and Tess are still out of work, I'm hoping you can help, Agent Knox. Now that you know what an asset Vincent could be, isn't it time for the government that created Vincent to reel him back in and make him an agent for good? Yes is the correct answer here. And since your people have screwed things up so many times, he needs his own team. Cat, Tess and JT are ready and at your service.

Prepare yourselves because you have work to do. We want a different Beauty and the Beast Season 3 and the only way to get there is to make some changes. Chop chop!!


Hey readers! Sorry I had to interrupt a regular review for these discussions, but some things just had to be said. Let me know if you're on board or if you have different messages for the crazy kids running amok in New York City.

Why beat around the bush? We don't want to talk to each other as much as we want to talk to them. Have at it! Share your talking points in the comments.

In the meantime, if you need more fuel for your conversation, you can watch Beauty and the Beast online via TV Fanatic. I'm sure you'll find something to say.

Which character would you most like to have a chat with before the season finale?

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Beauty and the Beast Season 2 Episode 21 Quotes

JT: Heather wants penis straws? She actually wrote that in her email.
Tess: Yeah. Apparently they're a bachelorette party staple.

Cat: I'm just saying that I have a certain thing over him and I intend to use it to my benefit.
Vincent: Well, clearly, the whole blonde thing is getting to her.