Colin Ferguson to Tripp Out on The Vampire Diaries Season 6

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Julie Plec took to Twitter today, dropping hints about a new character in Mystic Falls.

So... who's joining The Vampire Diaries Season 6?

William on Haven

Colin Ferguson!

The actor was last seen as William on Haven Season 3, but his fate was iffy as the credits rolled on the finale. You probably know him best as Sheriff Carter from Syfy's Eureka, a role he embodied for five glorious seasons.

Next he'll be Tripp (formerly known as Mitch for casting purposes) and he's in town to give Sheriff Forbes a "run for her money," according to a Plec Tweet.

Could Caroline's mom finally be getting a love interest? Or a mortal enemy?

Are you excited for this casting tidbit? Raise your hand and hit the Comments with your joy and adulation. 

Late last week, TVD also confirmed the casting of Gabrielle Walsh in the “shady” role of Sarah. She will debut on the October 2 premiere.

NOTE: If you need to take a bite, you can watch Vampire Diaries online via TV Fanatic to get a juicy taste of past seasons, pre-Tripp.

UPDATE: Sources now describe Tripp a strong and disciplined "head of a community militia." Look for him to act as surrogate father to his young trainees do anything to protect Mystic Falls.

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