Duck Dynasty Recap: A Brand of Brothers

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The men were all business on Duck Dynasty Season 6 Episode 5.

Or all about the business, we should say.

Willie wanted to update the Duck Commander logo, which has been in the family for four decades. Jase didn’t see a need to fix something that wasn’t broken… and/or he always make an effort to take the opposite side from Willie.

In order to show Willie's high-priced brand consultant up, Jase had the warehouse guys to doodle around and make a new logo because, hey, "anyone can make a new logo."

That's not altogether untrue, is it?

The best had to be Si's, a skinny, bearded duck with a rifle, even if Jase's big font "DC" with a small duck drawing won out in the end (with the warehouse group, that is.) Heck, even Willie liked it. Kind of. Sort of.

But the group had fun making fake business cards with various new titles on them and they didn't switch anything in the end.

ELSEWHERE, Willie's daughter Bella had to to find the county benchmark (the highest point of elevation) in West Monroe. It was an extra credit project for school.

She asked Grandpa Phil for assistance at Willie's request because he "just around in the woods" anyway.

But Phil actually DID know where this point was, so he and his granddaughter… well… wandered around the woods while he ranted about how the government needs to document everything.

I am the benchmark, Phil said at one point.

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Duck Dynasty Season 6 Episode 5 Quotes

I am the benchmark.


I'm already the vice president. You can't have more than one vice president.