Jenny Slate Books Role on Brooklyn Nine-Nine Season 2 Premiere

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A Saturday Night Live reunion has been booked on Fox.

Network sources confirm that Jenny Slate - who joked around with Andy Samberg during the 2009-2010 season of SNL - will guest star on the Brooklyn Nine-Nine Season 2 premiere.

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The funny woman (who is terrific in the new film Obvious Child) will play a tough mob mistress named Bianca who runs into Jake during his FBI undercover work.

The character could end up as the person who helps Jake bring the last mobster to justice, closing out his time away from the precinct in the process.

Kyra Sedgwick has also signed on for the premiere. The former Closer will star as a nemesis for Captain Holt will will cause major problems for all his underlings.

The sitcom returns with new episodes on September 28 and you can always watch Brooklyn Nine-Nine online to catch up before then.

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