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Dom confronted Savi about Zack on Mistresses Season 2 Episode 7 and insisted on a group date, where he called out Zack on his feelings for Savi. Zack didn't deny them, shocking Savi. Later, Dom told Savi they needed a break after she couldn't explain why she'd been keeping so many secrets from him. 

Joss and Scott got into a fight but Joss eventually admitted that she was jealous of Scott's voluputous patients fawining over him and he told her he was in love with her and asked Joss to move in. 

Jacob and Karen hit the sheets after he broke up with his much younger girlfriend. When Karen check out his phone she realized the girl in question was Anne, the escort.

April getd Daniel to admit that he's married, but he's still in love with April. After kicking him to the curb, April lusts over their painting and ends up back in his bed.

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Mistresses Season 2 Episode 7 Quotes

Well, your job is weird and pervy.


Well, either someone is sending you a vista of rolling hills or there's some serious boob on your phone.