Mistresses Review: Stupid Choices

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Well, we all make stupid choices, especially if we're the women of Mistresses Season 2 Episode 7.

This week the ladies decided to change things up a bit as Karen was almost normal (No, seriously…she got close.), Savi came clean and April fell off the the sainthood bandwagon…hard!

Let's start with Karen ,who inches her way back to normaldom after running into Jacob. She invites him over to dinner. He admits he lied about not having feelings for her... but there's a catch. He's dating some young, cute chick and after kissing Karen decides he needs to dump the girl first. 

After leaving Karen hanging for three days - which leads to a bout of intensive housecleaning - Jacob shows up at her door, smiling about dumping his girlfriend and immediately plants one on her. 

My immediate reaction was, that's quick, but apparently Karen's OK with the fast lane as she wraps her legs around his waist…or at least tries to. It's about the most awkward version of foreplay we've witnessed on this show. And as the two enjoy some post-coital bliss ( or is it boredom? It was a little hard to tell.) Jacob hits the shower while Karen sees his just-ex calling.

So, does Jacob have any clue he's been dating an escort or was his break-up more of a you're fired

Moving on…Joss was confronted by a new emotion: Jealousy. Apparently it happens every time one of Scott's patients ask him to feel her boob job in public to make sure he got it right. 

Just when I'm feeing Joss' pain, she loses the high ground. Scott no-showed on their date and she's left eating Chips Ahoy and watching The Bachelorette. (Is that actually a bad night? Asking for a friend.) Joss goes off on him, only to find out he had a 22-year-old patient die on the table during a nose job. To make matters worse, she bails when he hits the shower.

The next day, Harry sets her straight and I can't decide who is cuter, Joss and Harry or Joss and Scott? But this week I was getting more of a big brother vibe from Harry. 

Anyhoo, Joss finds the good doc and apologizes. She even admits to her never before seen jealousy. Scott beams as he returns the favor and tells her he's "100 percent, massively, actually annoyingly, in love” with her as he asks her to move in. If Harry would just decide to stay, all would be right in Joss' world. 

Where as all is far from right in Savi-land. That said, I'm absolutely loving Dom, who calls Savi out on her lying and makes her come clean. Then he sums it all up nicely in this Mistresses quote

So a guy you got into a car crash with showed up at your front door. A guy who for all you know could hate you, could blame you for the accident, could be crazy and you let him in?


Thank you, Dom! That's exactly what I was thinking when it happened. Then Dom calls a group date to get to meet Savi's new BFF and calls he guy out…

You're a guy. You're not looking to make a new friend. You either want money or you want Savi.


FYI, my husband confirmed that Dom's completely right on this one, even before Zack confirmed it himself. Apparently guys don't hang around just to be friends. Go figure.

Dom was angry and a little lost. I hate that he called a break but I get it. He has no clue what's going on in Savi's mind because she won't share it with him…or she just doesn't know herself. I still can't get over that they've never had an onscreen conversation about the baby they lost. I do hope these two kids work it out. 

Finally, we get to April and all I can say is What the Hell?!? (Actually I could use much stronger language but let's try and keep this review PG-13)

So sexy, smoldering is married to the red head. Not only did he lie to April but he also dragged her kid into this mess when he got to know Lucy. As a mom, I'd want to hurt him for that alone. And at first, April keeps her head as Daniel says he didn't mean to fall in love with her. No apparently all he expected was a roll in the paint. 

One moment April's telling him his minute is up and sending him out the door; the next she's at his door because sexy, smoldering is so damn hot she's willing to be the other woman?!? Don't get me wrong, the man's fine but nobody's that fine.

What happened to April's self respect? Did she suddenly forget what it felt like to find out her supposedly dead husband had a a mistress on the side and she was none the wiser? 

When the saints fall, they fall hard.

What do you think TV Fanatics, did April make the right decision?

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