Perception: Watch Season 3 Episode 3 Online

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Looks like its time to meet Daniel’s father.

On Perception Season 3 Episode 3, Daniel’s father reveals some shocking news about his health, all while trying to give his son a home. Can you believe he’s played by actor Peter Coyote? Who could say no to him?

At the same time, Daniel also is trying to work with Kate to hunt down some bank robbers. With more twists and turns, the case reveals some cannibalism, vengeance and Crocodile Dundee. That’s not a knife…

See Daniel uncover the clues when you watch Perception online now.

A Visit From Dad

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Perception Season 3 Episode 3 Quotes

Next time, try talking to an actual human being, preferably one who went to medical school. See! This is exactly the kind of bullshit that comes with people self-diagnosing on the computer.


I like your scarf. Why do you wear it inside? Are you cold?