Rizzoli & Isles Review: Not Worth Killing Over

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There was something so very sad about Rizzoli & Isles Season 5 Episode 3.

Perhaps it was because the victims all believed they'd finally caught a break and were going to turn their lives around... only to find out it was "Too Good to Be True."

Greg, the killer, somehow believed he was owed, so he hunted these men and then murdered them for their meager possessions. For all of the psychology behind the effects of watching his father's farm go bankrupt, I think Jane was right, the guy was just a selfish, greedy, twisted ass.

I loved all the little things about this episode. Like the diner waitress making fun of Greg's grey pony tail. Or Jane and Korsak questioning of John Brooks best friend. Even realizing that another man was spared simply because he was lucky enough to have a girlfriend who just might miss him and cause the killer a problem. 

Then there was the order to start the search for a replacement for Barry Frost. Jane's simply not ready to see someone else sit at his desk and neither am I, but life does march forward whether we're ready for it or not. 

I was kind of hoping that the show would simply have Frankie take over Frost's role, but now I wonder if they'll be making another addition to this team. I don't know that it's really necessary but I'm willing to keep and open mind. 

The best part was watching Jane finally come clean with family and friends about her pregnancy. I love the idea of Jane raising this child, yet I hate the idea of her being stuck behind a desk if only because I don't know how the series continues on like that.

Maybe they'll do a time jump and skip over those long boring months of her pregnancy while on hiatus. 

Part of the fun of this pregnancy storyline is having Jane's family involved and hearing the stories it sparks, like the one Jane told Maura about Angela in this Rizzoli & Isles quote

Frankie couldn't get away with anything as a kid cause she was always weaseling a confession out of him.


I guess that's where Jane gets her interrogation technique. Maybe Angela was meant to be a cop. She certainly did a good job raising two of them. 

It was great fun finding out that Frankie and Tommy already knew. It shouldn't have been a surprise because there's no way Angela could've kept that secret for very long. If I had one complaint, it was that I wanted to see a bit more conversation between Jane and Korsak when she finally told him. I have no doubt he's thrilled for her but I do wonder if he has any concerns about her being out in the field. 

Finally, Jane broke the news to Casey. I was a little confused at first because Jane kept insisting that she would be raising this child alone. I don't doubt that it will go that way but Casey has the right to be involved. So I was relieved when she and Casey decided that they'd work out his role in their child's life together. 

In the end, Jane admitted she was terrified…and she should be. Raising a child is overwhelming but she's got quite a village there to help our out. And as Maura pointed out, everybody needs help sometimes. Even Jane Rizzoli.

Tell us TV Fanatics, how much of Jane's pregnancy do you want to see onscreen?

Too Good to Be True Review

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Rizzoli & Isles Season 5 Episode 3 Quotes

Frankie couldn't get away with anything as a kid cause she was always weaseling a confession out of him.


Maura: How about depression?
Jane: Only since you started asking me all of these questions.