Royal Pains: Watch Season 6 Episode 7 Online

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Paige's business is taking off, until she realizes her partner might be a klepto. Meanwhile, Evan struggles with his decision to go into business with Ray, which actually proves beneficial to HankLab in more ways than he anticipates.

Hank comes to terms with the fact that he had all the responsibility as a child, and Evan steps up to take control and allow Hank the freedom to let loose.

Jeremiah gets to first base with Vivianna after he treats her friend from the Burlesque club next door.

Divya tries to decide between going part-time with HankMed and being with Sashi, realizing that having it all may be her most difficult task yet.

It's true, Royal Pains Season 6 Episode 7 was jam packed and you can see where our favorite Hamptonites are headed when you watch Royal Pains online.

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Royal Pains Season 6 Episode 7 Quotes

We buzzkills wouldn’t know anything about that.


I like taking care of people, always have.