Royal Pains Review: How to Have It All

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From beginning to end, Royal Pains Season 6 Episode 7 featured a little bit of everything, There was medical drama, romance, revelations and skinny dipping.

Welcome to another week in the Hamptons!

You knew when it started with Calvin Harris' "Summer" playing in the background it was going to be a good time, but it wasn't long until we found out that Emma is still up to no good working for this mysterious and aptly named "Oz."

It seems to be going okay for now, but I'm not sure this thing she's going is on the up and up.

When Jeremiah helps out one of her burlesque friends, he grows closer to Vivianna.

Paige learns something that complicates her and Russell's new business, mainly that he stole a rug. But apparently this wasn't just any rug, it was an expensive one that he lied to Paige about and said was beyond repair. This is definitely NOT a good sign for their business and I truly wonder how Paige is going to handle it.

Then again, what are the chances Russell snagged one of his own that was also one of a kind? I don't quite remember the full pattern, but there's a good chance there could be more than one rug out here.

Evan continued to feel the fallout of going into business with Ray, even though it seems to be benefiting HankLab. He got the MRI machines pre-approved even though they should not have been allowed at all in the space. It may seem like Ray is up to something, but perhaps we should have a little faith.

He is helping save HankMed, after all.

While Evan and Paige struggled with partners, Hank struggled with his little sister. Interestingly enough, he attributes his inability to let Emma be a teenager from the childhood he missed when he assumed the responsibilities his father left behind when he took off.

But leave it to Evan to not only man up and make business decisions without Hank; he even managed to convince him to take part in some irresponsible behavior!

Speaking of irresponsible, it seems Jeremiah also threw caution to the wind when he lip-locked with Vivianna after treating her friend. I have to say I am proud of him for making such a bold move. And that wasn't even the only bold move he made this installment, as he also gave Divya a much-needed pept alk.

Divya's need to have it all made it nearly impossible for her to be happy either part-time or fulltime with HankMed. But leave it to Jeremiah to roll up with a great pep talk about all the ways in which Divya has defied the odds and expectations since she started out. Nice move, Jeremiah!

There was a lot of good teamwork going on this week, but which partnership do you think is more problematic: Paige's or Evan's?

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